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3,147: Minecraft dump 1 of 2

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Right, let’s just get this self-made backlog (referenced earlier here) out of the way. Part one:

Minecraft Project Day 22
Still raining. Thunder and lightning, too.

And when lightning hits a horse, it turns into a skellington.

More work on the path

Minecraft Project Day 23
Next part of the garden was to clear some of the area behind the cabin

I built a dirt tower so that I could have a look at the garden from above. I don’t really wanna get rid of any trees, and I like the idea of it being a bit wild and pretty. Lots of flowers, nooks and crannies.

While up the dirt tower, I realised I’ve never been anywhere over there to the north. Might do that tomorrow.

Minecraft Project Day 24
A day for exploring the neighbourhood to the north.

Ooh, that looks like a fun cave system. Will come back here.

It’s getting late.

Temporary shelter for the night.

Minecraft Project Day 25
A bit more exploring to the north before going back home

There’s a big forest

Dug up some clay from the river bed.

Got a bit lost on the way home, but thankfully found my cabin before sundown.

Back home, I turned the clay into bricks, and after that, turned some of them bricks into flower pots to put around the garden here and there.

Minecraft Project Day 26
Gonna have a door there. Eventually, the cabin will be bigger, so it makes sense to kinda plan a bit in advance.

And putting more of the paths in.

One goes right down to the river edge.

Where I wanna have something, but I’m not sure what yet.

A pit of paving work.

Another tree chopped down ready for a cabin extension, sadly. But I’ll probably plant some more trees once the plot of land is a bit more developed.

Minecraft Project Day 27
Another day putting steps in, organising my plot of land.

This area down here will be used eventually for fancier business that farming or simply being a nice garden, but it needs some prep first.

A bit of night-time hedge work. I want a fence on the outside, but I don’t really wanna see it from the inside, so hedges.

Minecraft Project Day 28
This biome is really rainy.

I want some redstone today. That’s a thing that gives power. I don’t question the hows and whys. First, though: some normal stone, just for the hell of it.

Redstone is usually deeper, so I cut a spiral into the blocks to get down with the least amount of digging.

Boom. Mining those redstone blocks gives us redstone dust.

Redstone acquired, time to get home.

And here’s why I wanted it: to make a compass, which will make getting home from all future trips away from the cabin easier.

Minecraft Project Day 29
When I woke up, I could hear the moans of a zombie near the cabin. Had a look around, but no zombies around. But then… aaaah, he’d found his way to that dirt ledge under where I was gonna build the porch.

Got rid of him, and then spent the day the rest of the day checking that everything is secure. I can’t be arsed with having to deal with zombies and creepers any more.

I even had to trim that tree after I saw a horse could jump up onto it to access my land.

I guess I’ll replace this dirt barrier with stone eventually.

Minecraft Project Day 30
Now that I’ve got a compass, I feel freer. I’m off for a wander. Over there.

Bit of sight-seein’, eh? Oooh, look at that!

Ended up having a look in a cave. Found another dungeon full of zombies. Killed ’em, got all the goodies out of the chest. By the time that was done it was dark so I found a wee nook, blocked it up, had a sleep.

Minecraft Project Day 31
So, while I was doing some mining, this spider came up. I’m fine with spiders. Easy to kill, but there was a skeleton riding it, and they were both attacking me. Long story short: I go killed. And here’s the thing: you always spawn in the place where you last slept. But the bed I slept in, I’d taken it with me, so when that happens you spawn at your original spawn point, which for me was back here in the forest.

So I went back home, got a few basic tools and supplies ready, so that first thing in the morning, I can try and find where I was killed and get all of the stuff that I dropped when I died.

Minecraft Project Day 32
There’s all my business.

Did a bit of mining and by the time I came back above ground, the sun was getting low, so rather than risk a night time attack, I slept in the cave.

Minecraft Project Day 33
Heading back home, I came across these skeleton horses. But they’re not just normal skeleton horses (which in itself sounds ridiculous, right?) but they are apparently “skeleton trap horses.” The Minecraft wiki says that “when a player comes within 10 blocks, lightning will strike the horse” and the skeleton turn into skeleton horsemen, so there’s a bow and arrow wielding skeleton on top of the horse. Not only that, it makes three more of the buggers. In the screenshot, you can see a red horse lying down, that’s just been shot accidentally by one of the skeletons who was aiming at me. The horse was in the way though. Tough break, kid.

I put a bit of distance between myself and those bastards, and quickly built a dirt box so I could hide from the arrows.

And when they couldn’t see me, I ran off home, made a bow and some arrows, and tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading back there for a battle. Cliff. Hanger.

Minecraft Project Day 34
It was kinda fun to have three skeletons to deal with. Quickly building small dirt walls to hide behind and attacking one while trying to stay away from the others.

After the battle, I had a look down a hole. A big hole.

By the time I’d build some cobble and dirt steps down to the bottom, it was nighttime.

Down at the bottom, some lava and some water.

So I dug out some coal, made myself a room, and set up a cave base. I’ll do some more mining down here at some point, so might as well leave some supplies when I go back above ground in the morning.

Minecraft Project Day 35
I took a slow walk back, killed a couple of skeletons, and went to get some birch wood for my next wee project…

…an extension to my cabin! I had a change of plan. What was gonna be a front porch is now gonna be the back of the cabin. I’m gonna use half of that front area for a bedroom, and the other half for a small deck. And what I’d previously thought of as the back of the cabin, the bit that faces the garden, is gonna be the front. I’ve noticed that when go and back and forth, I use that new-ish back door way more, so it makes a lot more sense. And it gives me a chance to have a nice flower garden right there in front of the entrance.

Minecraft Project Day 36
I spend all the day working on the new bedroom.

Minecraft Project Day 37
Next to the new bedroom, I built a little deck, something that I’ve wanted from the start. Not as I envisaged it, but it’s looking good, I think.

I added some vines all around the place, give it a bit of age.

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