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3,148: Minecraft dump 2 of 2

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Getting this self-made backlog (referenced earlier here) out of the way. Part two:

Minecraft Project Day 38
It’s nice to wake up and be able to see the lake and river.

I spent most of the day fiddling around with the area right outside the new front door.

And I figured it was time to sort out the main room. Three furnaces, a crafting table, and some chests for food, coal, and tools.

Minecraft Project Day 39
Now, down in front of the cabin there,s a load of holes that go into the same cave system. It’s a bit of a mess, so I figured I should spend some time closing up most of the holes so I can just have one nice, neat entrance.

You can see the brown dirt bits down there: that’s the holes that I filled in.

Minecraft Project Day 40
First things first, dig up some sand from the lake bed.

And here’s why. There’s a little pond down below the cabin, and I wanted to put sand around the edge because sugar cane grows on sand next to water. So now, I can have a little sugar cane farn down there.

Minecraft Project Day 41
The day’s plan: to sort out the cave entrance. Make it pretty, but hey-ho, there’s an Enderman hanging around. Let’s get rid of him.

Oh. That didn’t go so well.

The Enderman was still around when I respawned back at the cabin. And still annoyed with me it would seem:

After killing me twice, he seemed to take a break, so I could go and get my stuff.

Over at the cave entrance, I had to deal with a couple of zombies…

But after that, got to work, making the entrance look, well, like a wooden subway entrance.

Looks good, huh?

Minecraft Project Day 42
Back down to the cave entrance to fiddle around a bit more, and, oh jeez, the Enderman is still around. I’m just gonna ignore him and hope he goes away.

If this cave system turns out to be where I spend most of my mining time, I might replace those dirt walls with stone, but for now, the entrance is done.

Back at the house, I put a chimney on top of the cabin. Entirely fake, of course, but it goes with the entirely fake and unnecessary extraction hood above the furnaces.

Minecraft Project Day 43
Another cave entrance needed covering…

But I finally got around to lighting up the cave tunnels. There’s a lot of them.

So many, in fact, that I came above ground way over there on the left.

Minecraft Project Day 44
I wanted to have a simple day, around the garden. So I made a hot tub.

A nice view of the moon when you’re in the tub.

Minecraft Project Day 45
I want more flowers. I want the garden to look nicer. So I went for a wander.

Some roses.

I love the absurdly-sized red mushrooms in Minecraft.

And the pumpkins.

And it’s nice to see I’m relatively near a swamp. I’ll have a good look around that soon.

Back at the house, I’m having problems with intruders. I have no idea where they’re getting in. Can’t really see any gaps in the fence, so I think tomorrow I’m gonna need to stay up all night and see if more zombies come along, and where they’re coming from.

Minecraft Project Day 46
I could hear the moans of a zombie near the cabin. Had a good look around, couldn’t see one. And then I had a realisation: about three weeks ago, when a Creeper exploded near the cabin, I didn’t entirely fill in the hole, I filled over the hole. So I dug down there, and lo and behold…

At sundown, I got up on the roof to keep watch all night.

Minecraft Project Day 47
One of those days just doing bits and bobs. Doing a bit of work on the path outside the cabin…

Work on the steps down to the wheat farm…

And then clearing a few trees down the back here. I think I’m gonna put a storage shed there. It’s a bit far away from the cabin, but really, I don’t like having the cabin just being a place to store a load of storage chests. I wanna make a nice living room.

Minecraft Project Day 48
So here we go: let’s build a storage room.

Each of those chests is gonna be for separate things. One for wood, one for stone, one for coal and iron, and on and on.

Pretty boring from the outside, though. Maybe needs some more trees and vines to camouflage it a bit.

Minecraft Project Day 49
Spent most of today moving the stuff down to the storage room.

And then put in a more direct path to the shed from the cabin, around the back of the hot tub.

Minecraft Project Day 50
I figured that today would be a good to go explore the swamp. Sometimes there are witch huts near swamps, full of good stuff to steal.

Couldn’t find one, though.

Too far from home when the sun was coming down, so a night in a cave.

Minecraft Project Day 51
Rather than going home, I kept on walking today.

A big old forest.

Oooh, found the sea. Hurrah! Kinda strange how that you don’t feel a sense of place until you find the sea, the edge.

No caves around, so rather than dig a shelter, I found a nearby tree with vines, which I could climb up, and sleep, relatively safely in the tree tops. Like Ray Mears or something.

Minecraft Project Day 52
More exploring, more swamp (still not witch hut), and more sleeping in the tree tops

Minecraft Project Day 53
I kinda got a bit lost. Got too far away from the sea to really know where to find it again, so now that I’ve got a compass, today was spent heading back to the cabin.

Sun going down.

So I built a dirt tower in the middle of this lake to sleep on top of.

Minecraft Project Day 54
Aaaah, there’s the cabin. It’s genuinely nice to get back after a few days away. Almost. Like. It’s. Real.

I planted some of the flowers I picked up on my travels.

And goddammit, how do these zombies keep getting into my garden!?

And that’s it with the catching-up dump of Minecraft days. I got way way ahead of myself. Like, if I’d stuck with the day per blog post, this day here (day 54) would have gone up on the blog in seven weeks. I’ve still got a few days saved, but that’s mostly just to cover for days when I don’t have time or the inclination to play. But, I suspect that of the handful of readers, there’s virtually no-one who is bothered. In a way, though, the blog is for me. It’s a good thing for me to do, to have something to do every day. I work at home, so most of the time I don’t even put trousers on. This is my version of starting the day in a proper way.

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