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It was a fun weekend. A Diablos Rojos baseball game on Friday night (won 12-1), a Cruz Azul football game on Saturday (lost 3-2), and on Sunday, the second day of the two-day Corona Capital festival. The whole thing had a pretty great line-up:

Just the Sunday for me, though. And the way my feet and neck feel today, I’m kinda glad I didn’t do both days. It took place in a part of the motor racing track. If you saw the Mexican grand prix on telly a few weeks back, that’s where it was. The entrance was pretty long. You walked along a big stretch of the race track, past a load of stalls selling bootleg merch (¡viva México!), then it started to look a bit more official, with good-looking young people in Corona t-shirts spaced out along the edge of the track like living statues. Not sure what their purpose was. A row of cops, then another, then some more. Then the first entrance. Show someone your ticket, get searched. Get searched again. Walk around a curve in the track. Another gate. Show another person your ticket. Get searched again. Then get searched a fourth time. Every time, the cops doing the searching wanted to take apart my electronic cigarette, check it was what it looked like. The last of the searches, the cop sniffed the liquid in my device, then sniffed the extra liquid I had in a wee plastic bottle. I was there pretty early, before the main crowds arrived, and it still took about half an hour to actually get in.

But, really, once that was over, that was kinda the last of the worries. Once inside, it was really good. Mexican friends thought it was weird that I said this because in general, things aren’t well-organised in the country, but in the two experiences I have had with this festival, it’s been brilliantly organised both times. Loads of toilets, three big food areas, and hundreds of people walking around selling beer and whisky. The single greatest thing about concerts here is the crowds. People are up for it. Even for the first band in the smallest of the stages, the crowd went mental. If there was any downside at all to the festival, it was that the vegetarian options at the food stands were pretty few and far between. I only saw a couple of things that were doable beside crisps/chips or chips//fries.

There were two bands that I was actually there for, Super Furry Animals and Kraftwerk. The rest of my time was pretty much open. Before it was super furry time, saw a bit of the Delorentos (seemed alright, looked like they were having fun), Sofi Tukker (enjoyed them, the aforementioned mental crowd helped that along greatly), and Wild Nothing (meh, not my cup of tea). I’ve not seen Super Furry Animals since New Year’s Eve 2007 when they did a thing at the Royal Festival Hall in London. It was their first time in Mexico. And, yep, great to see them again. There aren’t many bands out there whose setlist, whatever they chose to play, would be fine with me. And it was entirely great and fun, and as good as I’d hoped.

Saw a bit of Eagles of Death Metal, but fuck them. Grimes was good, what I saw of her, cos I kinda wanted to see Galantis, and there was an overlap. There was this moment during their set when I saw someone trying to get their friend out of the crowd.
Her friend collapsed right next to me, so I helped her pick her up, I asked if she wanted help with her pal. She was crying, said yes, and I can’t imagine how she’d managed to get someone as far out of the crowd as she had on her own. It’s not an easy thing to get someone who can hardly walk out of a packed tent full of people dancing. We eventually got outside, and asked a beer seller where was the closest medical tent. He didn’t know. Thankfully, though, one was quite close, and we got her there pretty swiftly. At the entrance, the person there said “one person only!” as medics took the sick woman inside. The other woman gave me a massive hug, kept saying “gracias gracias gracias!” I’m in no way saying, aren’t-I-great-for-helping, cos absolutely everyone would do exactly the same thing, but it was the moment I will remember most of the whole festival. That hug from a stranger who was really worried about her friend. I have no idea what happened after that.

I watched some more Galantis, then went over to another stage for Kraftwerk. And… it was kinda underwhelming. Maybe it was that I’d seen a silly dance act right before them, but it felt really out of place at a festival. It didn’t help that the sound, for the first half of the show was awful. They even stopped playing after a couple of songs. The 3D visuals weren’t working, the sound was shitty, and various non-Ralf members kept nipping off stage or walking over to talk to him. He said they had to reprogram the computers. It was odd to see the Kraftwerkness of Kraftwerk slip away for a few minutes, as they tried to start up again. A few seconds of sound, then nothing. And it took a while to get going, for the sound to get right. Some friends and I decided to nip across the way to the other stage where LCD Soundsystem were gonna close the festival. We had a beer, and Kraftwerk sounded better from a distance.

I like LCD, got their records and that, but I’ve never really had a burning urge to go and see them. (Having said that, I don’t ever recall that they played Berlin while I was living there, so I dunno.) After the mild disappointment of Kraftwerk, though, they sounded fantastic. Had a ton of fun. Enjoyed how they set up the band on stage, that looked cool. The overhead camera shots of the stage were great, too. The white lights and smoke behind them. All really good. And you really couldn’t ask for a better band to finish a festival. They finished with All My Friends, and thousands of people trudged off to find taxis and Ubers. Tired feet. A bit hungry. We had tacos. I had a mushroom gringa. And it was good.

A wee bit of artwork

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Somewhat unsurprisingly, it was an LCD Soundsystem song, New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down.

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Minecraft Project Day 61
Back down to digging. I went the wrong way, though. Didn’t find the steps I’d been dealing with yesterday.

But there’s another dark tunnel, so let’s get that lit up.

And, woah momma! Look! Lava and woo hoo! some exposed diamond ore.

Throwing a bucket of water over lava turns the lava into obsidian. And to mine obsidian, one needs a diamond pickaxe.

So I mined the diamonds, and went straight back up to the cabin.

…and made myself a diamond pickaxe. Obsidian mining tomorrow. There’s a wee lake of lava somewhere behind the house where I can easily access some lava, thus get some obsidian.

Minecraft Project Day 62
Let’s go find that above ground lava lake.

And, urgh, couldn’t bloody find it.

Too far from home, so another night in a dugout hole.

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November 22nd, 2016 at 10:14 am

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