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3,156: A little bit of Mexico City

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I feel like I should do this every now and then: some Mexico City stuff. So here’s a metro station, and three street signs. I would love to live on two of those streets.

I like how the older street signs have the English spelling of the sport, rather than the Spanish.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
LCD Soundsystem yet again. New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
West Berlin

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Minecraft Project Day 65
Right then. Let’s get in the Nether portal.

Here we go….

And here we are. The Nether!

Oh, ffs. Shot by a ghast.


Y’know what? I think it’s time to stop with these Minecraft updates. It’s silly. Dying in the Nether feels like a good place to stop. Mostly, I think, because I get to the stage in a new Minecraft project where I’m a little bored of the house/garden that I’m working on, and just wanna start a new one. The next stage of this current project is basically gonna be spending a couple of (Minecraft) weeks mining. Getting more and more supplies. Which is boring for you. Very. I’m also mildly embarrassed about each blog post having this rubbish at the bottom. I should be promoting the blog posts on Twitter and such, but I don’t because of that embarrassment. That’s unlikely to change, so the best thing is to ditch the Minecraft. I’m enjoying blogging again, so I don’t want anything to retard that feeling. If you liked the Minecraft stuff, by any chance: sorry. The blog will be better because of it, I’m pretty sure of that. I am, though, enjoying the structure of having a main bit, a drawing, the song, a Wikipedia thing. I will keep doing that, and maybe that will evolve over time, too.

Written by Craig

November 25th, 2016 at 4:15 pm

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  1. I noticed no one seems to leave comments anymore, so I thought of a question especially. Have you ever felt Mexico City to be as dangerous as our media in Europe portray it to be ?

    Richard m

    29 Nov 16 at 15:47

  2. It’s overblown, definitely. I’ve never been mugged, robbed, or anything. But, that’s possibly because I’ve taken advice semi-seriously. I don’t take random taxis off the street, that’s the main thing. I *have* walked home drunk at night against the advice of friends, and I’ve been okay. But really, what big city wouldn’t that be semi-dangerous…?


    29 Nov 16 at 17:56

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