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3,157: Flying in the air in a flying machine

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The pre-travel is the bit I hate the most. An early flight is cool. You get no sleep cos you worry about not waking up, but you do and you shower, have a poo, and then you’re in a taxi and all is good. But the overnight flight, leaving late in the evening: you’ve got all day to fret. You’re already packed. I can’t concentrate on starting a drawing or continuing something. I just sit around, flicking between channels. Watching any football on. A bit of Serie A, a bit of Eredivisie, a rebroadcast of a Mexican playoff game, a bit of the Grand Prix. And the clock ticks by so slowly. And I have a knot in my belly, a general angst that doesn’t go away until I’m through security at the airport.

I was ready the day before, though. The strike by Lufthansa pilots meant my Saturday flight was cancelled. After half an hour on hold, I finally got through, and while they offered to find me a flight to go on Saturday, I figured there would be other people with more pressing reasons to fly, so I happily accepted just getting bumped back 24 hours.

The plane was a newish one. It’s only really when you are in a newer plane that you realise how old and rubbish-y the normal ones are. I loved the way the lights in the plane were different colours and went on and off slowly in the cabin and the bathroom.

When meals were served, the woman asked if I wanted beef or chicken. I told her I had ordered a vegetarian meal when I booked the flight. It would seem that request got lost with the rebooking of my flight. She told me she would see what she would do. About five minutes later, she came back with a spare business class vegetarian meal. Which was, indeed, the business.

No sleep, of course. Maybe five or ten minutes here and there. The new Ghostbusters was good. Enjoyed that. Watched In Bruges again too. Usually I go for a window seat, but this time I had an aisle seat. I think I’m a convert. It was way better.

At Frankfurt, I had less than an hour between landing and boarding the next plane. A good length layover, but also a bit too tight for my nervous brain. It’s a big old airport. Lots of walking. Not enough security people for the amount of passengers. And my bag was checked. A random check, apparently. If random means “let’s check the bearded dude travelling alone.”

They still have a smoking lounge at Frankfurt airport, so I had a quick vape in there, before getting on the plane. One of the stewards asked those of us sat near the front if we would switch seats, go nearer the back. Not sure of the reasons, but I was fine with that. A couple of others gave up their seats too. Towards the end of the flight, the steward came to see us all and gave us a bottle of wine each for helping them out.

Nearly every flight I’ve taken over the ocean in the past has been with British Airways. No reason other than it’s handy and familiar. The last flight I had with them, one of the staff had a wee anti-EU rant to the people sat next to me. I made a complaint next day, and to be honest, didn’t really feel like they took it seriously. So I made a mental note to try not to use BA whenever possible. And after this experience with Lufthansa, I doubt I’ll ever be using BA again when other options exist. And I’ll deffo be using Lufthansa again. They were great.

And then we arrived. Berlin Tegel airport. Hallo Berlin. Hallo Deutschland. Hallo EU. It’s good to be home.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Inaugural Trams by Super Furry Animals

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
East Berlin

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November 29th, 2016 at 11:06 am

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