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3,171: Morning views

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As mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been taking a photo of the view from the wee balcony every morning since I’ve been at this apartment. Rather than letting it get out of hand and having a monster post at some point, I’m gonna put the week’s worth in a post every Saturday (not a full week this time cos I did that post on Tuesday).

I’ve been feeling weird about not blogging at the weekend, even though it was a choice I made, to blog four or five times, but only weekdays. There’s always a temptation to save things, to have a few things in reserve just in case, for blog posts, (especially in the A wee bit of artwork and Other business parts of each post) but I’ve found that just doing them and leaving that next post to fend for itself is a better approach. So there’ll be posts at the weekend now, I think.

Saturdays will be the morning views, Sundays will be “embedding the week.” I did that last Sunday, cos y’know, tweets and Instagram posts feel a bit like space trash sometimes, just thrown out there, but they’re sometimes still somewhat worthy of a look, and gathering some of the better ones together might be cool if you don’t use either of those social media thingies. (It does feel a tad hey look at me, I do good tweets, but, fuck: this is a blog full of me blathering on, so it’s not really different is it? And I do sometimes wish that people whose tweets I enjoy would do something like this.) Anyway, that’ll be here tomorrow. For now, though: the morning views from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today:

Guten morgen

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Guten morgen mein lieblings

A photo posted by Craig Robinson (@flipflopflying) on

Guten morgen

A photo posted by Craig Robinson (@flipflopflying) on

Guten morgen

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A wee bit of artwork
In an email, my friend Amanda mentioned seeing someone who looked like a drawing that her partner Ben had done. She said the person had “the hair of a cloud and voice of Brian Blessed.” Such a wonderful description. I’ve not seen Ben’s drawing, but I did my own quick drawing of Amanda’s description.

Other business

The 15.10 Lufthansa flight from Berlin Tegel to the moon.

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The song in my head when I woke up this morning
The Things That Dreams Are Made Of by the Human League. For most of my adult life, if you’d’ve asked what my favourite album is, I’d probably have said something by the Beach Boys. Surf’s Up, Sunflower, or Pet Sounds. Over the past couple of years, though, I’ve begun to realise that Dare by the Human League is an album I now think of as my favourite. Not that it matters, eh? We put so much effort into building up this presentable ideal of who we are. Favourite song, album, film, TV series, book. Those are the adult versions of colour, number, football team. My favourite albums means NOTHING to you. And why should it? It could only possibly be of interest if you, a) it’s your favourite album too, or b) you fucking hate the Human League. For the 99% of other people: it’s not an issue. It is a great album though.

On this day
I had a wee look through some old blog posts last night, and noticed that on this day in 2008, it was snowing a lot. (It was hardly a big post, just a sentence and this embedded 23-second video clip.)

I was in Bellingham, Washington at the time. That was a good time. Things didn’t turn out perfectly in Bellingham, but to be somewhere snowy for Xmas was really good.

I always enjoy on this day-type things. I enjoying finding out that such-and-such record was released 20 years ago. I even did a thing for a Dutch newspaper about this very idea in 2005. So maybe I’ll keep this up, looking back at old posts from this day in the past. Maybe it’ll work, maybe not. We will see, eh?

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
RevoluciĆ³n Libertadora

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December 17th, 2016 at 2:55 am

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