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C'mon Germany you can't do that and expect me not to giggle

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Seems like a strange way to court a lady

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Photo of a page from a (now lost) sketchbook from 1993

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Paper bag ordering me to eat fruit

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A wee bit of artwork
Last night I was catching up on some of Momus’s recent videos on YouTube, and I was finding it tough to concentrate on drawing and listening to him talking about sweaters at the same. I’d done quite a bit of painting during the day, so decided that Nick could have the greater part of my attention for a while. I enjoy his music, and I enjoy listening to him talking. We got to know each other when we were living in Berlin at the same time in the 2000s, and I did an illustration for the cover of one of his albums, Forbidden Time Machine. Thoroughly nice chap. I kept Photoshop open though, and just played around, not thinking, and ended up doing this.

It’s nothing special, but I still like it. It’s good and useful to do things like this. Sometimes good things come out of them, sometimes not. Sometimes they spark further ideas, further investigation. Mostly they don’t, but the whole process is worthwhile for the times that they do end up being useful.

I really like the Christmas holiday. But I’ve found myself using “Xmas” a lot more in the past few years. It’s an affectation, of course. As soon as I found out that some of the moronic Christians who object to “Happy Holidays” and their inane right-wing thoughts about there being a War on Christmas, it felt like taking the Christ out of Christmas was the least I could do. And while the roots of “Xmas” are still Christian as far as I remember, the less this wonderful holiday references that guy, the better in my opinion.

I like the winter celebration elements, I like that we collectively get festive, I like that we buy or make things for each other, and I like that we focus on being with people we care about. Jesus mean nothing to me the rest of the year, and he means nothing to me on his, cough, birthday.

And XMAS is a way cooler word, aesthetically. Short words with Xs are usually cool-looking, especially in all caps. MEXICO, X-RAY, SOX, LATEX, BOXER, AXE, FLUX, TEXAS, WAX, SEX, EPOXY, TOXIC, XMAS.

Other business
I quite like Depeche Mode. One of those bands where I don’t own all the albums, but whenever I listen to the ones I do have, my ears are happy. A Question of Lust is a good song, innit? But, have you ever watched the video? There’s a bit, right, for about 16 seconds, from about 52 seconds into the clip, where it does that thing where there are two images on top of each other. One of Martin Gore’s head (kinda looking like a semi-shaved sheep-poodle hybrid creature), and one of a Dave Gahan, from the waist up, looking like he’s in a desert or somefink, grooving away playing the tambourine, and he looks kinda ridiculous. That’s it. That’s my point. Pop group singer looks a bit funny for 16 seconds. I mean, he always looks a bit like he’s pretending to be a rock star in my mind. Not so much over the last couple of decades, but deffo early on.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Again, it was You & I by One Direction. I (obviously) keep note of all of these, and just had a quick look at the 2016 tallies, and 1D are currently in second place when it comes to most times as song in my head. They would need six more to tie, and there are, duh, 13 mornings left.

On this day
The 18th of December, 2009. Two posts, but both of them just photographs. One of someone feeding the birds, another of some Balloons on Falkenstraße. In the course of embedding the images below, I remembered how the 410 pixel wide images that used to be my default size on the blog felt okay as a size. Increased resolution of screens make them feel pretty small now.

(I realised while I was putting this post up that the dates may occasionally be off. The dates and times of each post pre-2008 were mostly in Germany. After then it’s been a bit all over the place, but mostly in Mexico. So chances are an early morning pre-2008 post might come up as the day before when the blog as a whole switched to a Mexican time zone. And vice-versa. I’ve not switched from Mexico to Berlin time, so blog posts come up timed at seven hours earlier than they are for me posting them. This is a minor thing, it really doesn’t matter, it’s something you dear reader do not care about, but seeing as though I thought about it, I figured I might as well mention it.)

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Río de la Plata

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