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3,173: Xmas

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This feels like a cheap post to do, but I’ve done plenty of Xmas-themed stuff over the years, and it’s not that easy to find* on the FFF site, so let’s have a wee look, eh? In chronological order:

* There is a redesign in progress, just not sure how long it’ll take to do. Hopefully it’ll be online by spring, though.

Fun fun fun: Christmas style (2000) was a follow-up to something that had been mildly popular. So taking the same idea of 10 ways to have fun, I applied it to the festive season. Pretty basic stuff, but I really enjoyed doing all of the Fun Fun Fun stuff.

This little doggy (2001). An illustrated story about a dog all alone in the woods at Xmas.

We wish you a Merry Christmas (2002) is just a piece of audio, chopping up words from other songs to send a greeting. Originally just sent to friends attached to an email.

The ex-mas tree (2002) is a pretty obvious piece of anthropomorphism.

Christmas country life (2002) is another thing that was just an Xmassy version of something else that existed elsewhere on the site. It’s fun to remember that the word (animated) GIF back then often referred to something someone had created, not just snipped out of context for yuks (I love that type of GIF too, but you know what I mean). It’s another bit of anthropomorphism, this time with a house.

FFF advent calendar (2003). I really was in my own little self-created world back then. I remember that being a nice place to be. It’s an advent calendar where the windows “open” when you pass your mouse over the numbers to reveal various things I’d drawn made Xmassier.

The Yuletide Owls (2004). This was my version of an Icelandic tale, told via two owls that I used to draw a lot called Pete and Bob.

Around Berlin (2005). A pretty cheap and easy one: just a bunch of photos around Berlin.

The man who loved Christmas porn (2012) was something that came about after listening to Dan Savage say something about how ridiculous it is, which got me thinking, there must be somebody who really likes it.

Wreath (2014). Lots of the apartments in the building I was living in at the time had actual wreaths on the doors. I did this to fit in a little bit. You will notice that there are no overt religious elements in there.

My favourite one, though, was from 2013: 25 December, 13 A.D., a story about one of Jesus’s teenage birthdays.

A wee bit of artwork
Ordinarily, I will read or watch several review-of-the-year type things. Not sure I really want to this year. We mostly feel the same about this right? I guess if you voted for trump or to leave the EU, 2016 must’ve felt like a pretty good year, but just typing those words makes me angry. I don’t want to have an article or TV programme going through it all again. So here’s my review of the year. Short and simple.

Other business
Have I Got News for You is still entertaining enough (never was a top favourite of mine, I still watch it though), but in the modern age, it feels a bit like old jokes cos we’ve all looked at blogs and Twitter all week where a lot of similar jokes about most of the topics have already been made. It has the feel of a show that young people wouldn’t watch. I don’t know this for sure, cos I’m not a young person, and I don’t really know any young British people, but I’m just imagining: would I have watched it if Twitter were around in the early 90s? Nope.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Little Things by One Direction. They’re really embedded at the moment. Five of the last seven.

On this day
Our new film, 19th of December 2005. I was living alone with Billy at the time. (One is never alone when one has a dog, though, right?). I made a couple of little films with him. This one was a silly “horror” film. Again, one is reminded of the differences in broadband speeds, by how small and low quality this .mov is. I have a clear memory of making this film, and how much tape was used to make a really short film. Aw, Billy…

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Montevideo (The etymology part is particularly interesting)

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