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3,185: Arting myself into 2017

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Thought I might show you some work-in-progress and ideas I plan on working on during 2017. This is partly an effort to kick myself in the arse and get going on them. It’s a to-do list made public. I like them as WIP and ideas, so I should really try doing them. Of course, when I check this blog post again at this time next year, I will find that I’ve only finished a small portion of them, and in a way, that’s fine cos hopefully new ideas will have been more pressing. If I can get ten of these done, though, I’ll be a happy fellow.

There’s plenty of stuff that needs finishing off. The most obvious of those is the U-Bahn lines. I’m here now, and it feels right that I should do it while I’m here. I’ve done three of the ten lines so far, but two of those are the shortest lines, which is to say, I’ve still got 159 of 196 platforms to draw.

I wanna keep playing around with the late 80s/early 90s Adidas stuff. (A few early things here.) In my head, it would be nice to experiment a bit and create some sort of massive thing that uses a lot of their designs and makes one coherent piece.

A Berlin version of the Mexico City (2013) and London (2014) pixel drawings. I would’ve done this in 2016 had it not been for the feeling that I hadn’t done enough photo research while I was hear last winter.

This Bodybuilders drawing is unfinished. I want the beach to be full of bodybuilders, male and female.

I don’t remember why this came into my head, but I started drawing quick pictures on Sketches, the first drawing app I ever used on my first iPod touch. Don’t remember why I used that app. But it was fun to get it out again, considering I’ve use iPod and iPad apps so much in the last eight year. Fun to go back to the app that started it all for me. Anyway, I started drawing singers that were on the Now That’s What I Call Music XIII compilation from 1988. I did four of them. There are 32 in total. I wanted to do them really quick. Just two or three minutes each, rough as fuck. They’re stupid drawings, they’re not really important, they won’t be “popular” but for some reason I like then, and it should be easy to finish this series in one evening if I get my shit together. Here’s ones I’ve done: Yazz, Womack & Womack, Jane Wiedlin, and T’Pau.

Princes is something I began on the day he died. Everything you see below was done that day. The idea is do a Minipop of him for every year of his famous life. I really want to find time to finish this before the first anniversary.

I have a picture story related to the Pixies song Tony’s Theme on the go, and something called Twin Eltons which has been sat on my computer since the summer of 2001. Pre-9/11. Which feels mental that a) I have something that old still on my computer, and b) I still like the idea. I’ve got something called Mountain Beyond the Sky which is about a bunch of kids who go on a journey. And this which I just refer to as giraffe story at the moment, about this fella:

I’ve been working on and off on some data visualisation about Ravel’s Bolero for three years. Would be good to wrap that up, too.

Re-approaching the infographic project regarding Maurice Ravel's Boléro.

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Gotta do some more of these Octagonz fellas. They’re a lot of fun to do using the Pixaki pixel art app on the iPad, on the sofa, in front of the telly. These 32×32 line landscapes, too: beach, countryside, glacier, skegness, and this one of an Adidas Superstar trainer:

The last few now. This has no title other than the working title of big fucking pyramid. It’s a big fucking pyramid. Basically the idea is to mix up old school raving with a Mesoamerican pyramid. In my dreams this would be a print with UV and fluoro inks. I keep adding bits here and there. It could do with a two-day burst of action to kick it along a few steps, mind.

The next three things to mention all involve a decent amount of writing. Two of them involve drawing, too. Jesus Christmas is gonna be a short comic story about a guy who runs a barber shop in a mall. I’m a little bit fascinated by the crappy bits of shopping centres. The bits in corridors off to the side, or down near the car parks. So that’s gonna be about one of them. Table 31 Guy is about a guy who goes to Belize for a bit. Fictionalised travel writing, essentially. That’s about 25% done. And something currently called Sherbert which will end up with a different name. This is the biggest of all the projects. A story about a jobless chap in his thirties who lives alone.

But mostly, more paintings. More paintings of Berlin (some of which I’ve put on the blog in the past few weeks, and more jungle paintings (some of which were in yesterday’s Best Of round-up) when I get back on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Painting painting painting.

I really hope to look at this post at the end of 2017 and see that I have knocked some big holes in this list because, yeh, as you might be able to tell, I have trouble staying focussed.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Love Action by the Human League.

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Out and about, 30 December 2010. That was a nice day, walking around, seeing art, eating food, enjoying being Mexico City.

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