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3,187: The song in my head when I woke up this morning

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Every day of the year, I’ve taken a note of which song is in my head when I wake up.

In 2015, the winner was Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. That was in my head first thing in the morning 14 times. She was also the top artist of the year (48 times).

In 2016, the song of hers that appeared the most was State of Grace (4 times). And she was third on the list of artists (21 times). So, here are the top ten artists of the year in my head when I woke up in 2016.

10. Charli XCX
7 times: Vroom Vroom (3), After the Afterparty (2), Gold Coins (1), Famous (1)

7=. Galantis
8 times: Peanut Butter Jelly (8)

7=. Justin Bieber
8 times: Sorry (5), What Do You Mean? (2), Love Yourself (1)

7=. Super Furry Animals
8 times: Inaugural Trams (4), Bing Bong (1), Mt (1), Night Vision (1), Walk You Home (1)

6. LCD Soundsystem
9 times: Dance Yrself Clean (2), New York I Love You… (2), Tribulations (2), Drunk Girls (1), I Can Change (1), Yeah (1)

5. Petite Meller
13 times: Lil’ Love (5), Milk Bath (3), NYC Time (3), Barbaric (2)

4. Beyoncé
17 times: 6 Inch (5), Formation (4), Sorry (4), All Night (2), Forward (1), Pray You Catch Me (1)

3. Taylor Swift
21 times: State of Grace (4), 22 (2), I Know Places (2), We are Never Ever Getting Back Together (2), All too Well (1), Blank Space (1), How You Get the Girl (1), I Knew You were Trouble (1), Love Story (1), New Romantics (1), Red (1), Shake it Off (1), Stay Stay Stay (1), Treacherous (1), You Belong to Me (1)

2. One Direction
39 times: One Thing (6), No Control (5), Best Song Ever (4), Drag Me Down (4), Live While We’re Young (4), You & I (4), More Than This (3), Story of My Life (3), Little Things (2), Night Changes (2), History (1), Kiss You (1)

1. Coldplay
44 times: Hymn for the Weekend (6), Adventure of a Lifetimes (5), Fun (5), Up & Up (5), A Head Full of Dreams (4), Amazing Day (4), Birds (4), A Sky Full of Stars (2), Hurts like Heaven (2), Ink (2), X Marks the Spot (2), Magic (1), Paradise (1), True Love (1)

So yes, Coldplay. They get a lot of shit, and I can absolutely understand why, but I like them. I think they’ve got better. I think they’re a better pop group than they were an indie band. I find it quite interesting that a band like that would go in a poppier direction rather than a rockier direction the more successful they get. I mean, they are an audio distillation of a gap year student having an amaaaazing time in Asia, but they always seem so happy and so appreciative of their position. They’re great. And what they did at Glastonbury this year was really lovely.

And, the song that was in my head the most in 2016 was Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis. Eight times. I saw them live at the Corona Capital festival recently, and yep, they were a massive load of fun.

Anyway, after the horseshit year we’ve just gone through, and the massive potential for shite next year, it almost feels sarcastic to say it, but: feliz año nuevo, guten Rutsch, and happy new year.

A wee bit of artwork
Not sure what’s going on here.

Other business
I had one of those “huh? of course!” revelations the other day. Looking for black tea in the supermarket, the only thing I could find had the words fair trade on the front. Leaving aside criticisms, it suddenly hit me: if it doesn’t say that on the front, then it deffo isn’t fair trade, right? I mean, if Big Macs were fair trade it’d say it on the box, right? And I mentally scanned everything else I buy from the supermarket and felt bad. Unfair trade is a feature not a bug.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Siege of Lisbon

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December 31st, 2016 at 1:39 am

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