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3,183: Best of 2016

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Hiya, this is the third annual review of the year that now feels like a thing in my own head (Best of 2014, Best of 2015). It has felt like another unsuccessful year, but in a way, maybe that should be the case. Feeling that I’ve done things well and right might have a negative effect. Mainly, though, it’s felt like a transitional year. Personally and artistically. On an artistic level, I’ve really enjoyed using pixels again for the first time in yonks. And I’ve been painting more, which I feel will get bigger and bigger next year. Anyway, here’s some of the better things I did in 2016.

Mein Berliner W├╝rfel
Pretty much the best thing I did this year, I think. Maybe more people would’ve liked it had I have done something with some more recognisable places and less personal places that aren’t necessarily nice to look at, but that project would never really have existed in my brain. More info about this project here and here. And related to this, is an ongoing/unfinished thing, drawing every platform of the Berlin U-Bahn.

Raymond and Lola
A story idea that had been floating around in my head for a few years. Turned out alright. The first four frames of the story below, the rest of it here

Folded rainbow
A simple one, but I was well happy with this when I did it. Available as prints and on a t-shirt.

Fried egg sandwich
One of the things I enjoy about drawing is when I have an idea and there’s no way I can even think about doing anything other than cracking on with it. This was one of those.

Big computer
A drawing imagining an olden days computer that could do a lot of the things we do with our smart phones, like ordering taxis, playing music, watching videos, drawing, banking, reading the news, buying tickets, pleasuring ourselves, playing games, checking the weather, translating stuff, etc.

Tree rings
I had quite a long break from doing baseball-themed infographic stuff this year, and this thing isn’t really an infographic, it’s more data art, I guess. The idea is like inverse tree rings. Each ring represents a year of a team’s history. The colours of each one is different, but in the below example: grey is a year without being in the playoffs, the darker the blue, the further the Cubs got in the playoffs, and red is winning the World Series. A print is available for every team here.

Jungle things
Jungle is pretty much my favourite environment. Not every day, but it’s the best place to visit. And after a trip to Belize in the summer, I came back full of a desire to draw and paint jungle stuff.

Um, that’s it. Doesn’t feel like much, to be honest. Must try harder. There’ll be another post along these lines, possibly tomorrow, looking forward to the next year In. My. Art. because I am very much full of myself.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Not a bad song, just please please please let me never hear it again.

On this day
North Pole, 29 December 2009. A “poem” from 1994 put together with a drawing from 2008.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
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December 29th, 2016 at 2:23 am

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