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I’ve had this idea knocking around for a while, but at my old apartment in Mexico City, didn’t have an oven (just the gas stove part with a cupboard underneath which, now that I write it, seems pretty weird), but quite soon after arriving in Berlin, I saw loads of Fimo in the art supplies shop and got on the case. The idea was to make replicas by hand as close as I could to an actual 7-inch single. I had the correct dimensions of the record, the label, and the hole drawn out on a piece of paper, and used that as a guide. But I wanted it to still be totally freehand.

The reason for 7″ singles: it’s the perfect pop music format. It is small, it contains two songs, one on each side, and the labels and artwork are often wonderful. And ever since I bought Baggy Trousers by Madness in WH Smith in 1980, it’s what I think of when I think of buying music.

I also had a self-imposed rule: No fancy labels. The most evocative for me is when the labels are generic record company labels. When we think of a Beatles single, we think of the Parlophone design. So many record company 7-inch labels are wonderful and if you ar of an age where you grew up with them, you can visualise them immediately: CBS, Epic, Decca, RCA, Motown, etc etc.

The Fimo sevens didn’t turn out that great. I felt the idea was pretty good, but the reality of them, especially when varnished, was quite poor. The first couple I fucked up the varnish. A month later, they’re still sticky. These will go in the bin.

The third one was just rubbish. I didn’t flatten the Fimo properly.

I stopped varnishing them at this point. In one way they are preferable, but mostly they feel lifeless.

Time was very much of the essence at this point. The Bowie one was going to be an Xmas present. It was getting close to the day in question, and the varnish wasn’t dry. This forced me to think again. So I did a watercolour version. The tacky varnish was the best thing that could’ve happened because watercolour and gouache on paper versions is the way forward.

George died, so the next one was an easy choice.

After putting some of these up on my Instagram, I was commissioned to do a 12″.

I’d not really considered that before, but it turned out to be a wonderful idea. I got some 300gsm paper that’s thick like cardboard and got to work.

This is the only one where I recorded various steps of the process. It’s a wonderful record, too. I’m happiest with this one. And there will be more to come.

Other business
Walking through Hauptbahnhof yesterday, I was reminded of one of the things I enjoyed the most when I first moved to Berlin. I used to live near Ostbahnhof and I would love standing on the platform and looking at the signs telling you which trains were coming. Yesterday, I glanced up at the big board and the first names that popped out into my eyes: Amsterdam and Warsaw. I love European train stations. That the trains aren’t just going to somewhere else in the country, they’re going to other countries! And while the romance of train travel quite often fails to live up to the idea of it, looking at a board and knowing that I could just get a ticket and be in Budapest or Basel is still thrilling for me.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Warszawa by David Bowie.

On this day
Busy doin’ nothin’ in Oregon, 13 January 2009. Aaah, Oregon is lovely. I miss that place.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Nuclear fallout

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January 13th, 2017 at 3:36 am

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