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The American embassy

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Other business
I bought some bird food recently. A bag of six balls of mushed together seeds and stuff called Meisen-Knödel which, the packet tells me translates at Fatballs. This, dearest of all readers, made me giggle for a not insignificant amount of time.

One of the fatballs was hanging from a nail on the wall of the balcony. I sat there looking out seeing no sparrow after no sparrow come and eat it. A massive feast was hanging there in sub-zero snowy Berlin, and all the spadgers were ignoring it.

Yesterday morning, I made coffee, walked back to the room, and saw a hooded crow (ie. a much bigger bird than a sparrow) on the balcony eyeing up my fatball. He took a coupe of jumps at it, stabbing at it with his bill. On the third attempt, he stabbed at it in an upwardly manner, dislodging it, and sending it flying down to the ground where it could’ve took someone’s eye out.

It didn’t take someone’s eye out. Instead, it attracted the attention of another crow and a couple of mighty pigeons. But the intrepid hunter saw them off with some crow noises and flapping stuff. An inappropriately saucy sentence follows this one.

Any bird that’s so enthusiastic about my fatballs is alright by me.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Yeah by LCD Soundsystem

On this day
Mexipops, 15 January 2006. It’s interesting to look back and see that this was kinda the start of the idea that became my Atlas, Schmatlas book. There’s a note on the progression of the concept a couple of days later. Six days after that, I’d done eight countries and the project was alive. Back then it was called the FFF pictorial atlas of the world. A mere year-and-a-half later it was called Atlas, Schmatlas and being heartily ignored by customers in book shops, partly due to the fact that noted funny Web site The Onion published their funny atlas Our Dumb World a mere three weeks later, thus, somewhat understandably cornering the funny atlas market.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Limit of a function

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