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3,214: Mauerpark and Falkplatz

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Nearly all the paintings I’ve done in the two months that I’ve been in Berlin have been of Mauerpark and the adjoining Falkplatz. There’s a couple of other things (one of a building very close to Mauerpark, and one of my favourite local bar) but in my head, they count as part of this series.

This ongoing series is something that I decided to do before I arrived back in Berlin and I’m going to allow myself to be glad that I’ve stuck to the idea. When I did the first two or three, I was sceptical that I would keep going, but I have and that makes me happy. Even though most of them have been on the blog before, I’ve collected them all here. There’s an asterisk next to the ones that haven’t been published on the blog before. But first, here’s a map of all of the painting locations.

Falkplatz Nr. 1 (2 December)

Mauerpark Nr. 1 (6 December)

Mauerpark Nr. 2 (6 December)

Mauerpark Nr. 3 (6 December)

Mauerpark Nr. 4 (7 December)

Falkplatz Nr. 2 (13 December)

Mauerpark Nr. 5 (15 December)

Falkplatz Nr. 3 (18 December)

Eberswalder Stra├če 10 (21 December)

Gleimtunnel (1 January)

Mauerpark Nr. 6 (2 January)

Falkplatz Nr. 4 (4 January)

Mauerpark Nr. 7 (7 January)

* Mauerpark Nr. 8 (17 January)

* Schwarzsauer (20 January)

* Mauerpark Nr. 9 (24 January)

* Mauerpark Nr. 10 (26 January)

* Mauerpark Nr. 11 (27 January)

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January 27th, 2017 at 3:44 am

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