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If you’re too busy to eat a hot dog AND brush your teeth…

Some lines

A friend has one of those huge iPads and the apple pencil thingy. I had a quick go, drawing tulips on the table

And, sorry, this is disgusting. Sorry sorry sorry

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Des étoiles électroniques by Stereolab again. Been on a bit of a Stereolab binge lately, which is why I’ve had their songs in my head for the last four mornings. I decided to listen to every album in chronological order, which was fine from the beginnings of Peng! and Switched On through to Emperor Tomato Ketchup. That has always been my favourite period of their music. It’s pretty much perfect. After that, I still bought the records (up to and inc. Sound-Dust), I still liked them, but I didn’t really love them. I’m making an effort to give them all another go, though, cos I’ve not listened to them for ages, or listened to any of the last three post-Sound-Dust albums at all.

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Books and Kraftwerk, 13 February 2006

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Spacecraft cemetery

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February 13th, 2017 at 2:12 am

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