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3,232: Middle-aged Fanclub

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The venue was smaller than I remembered. But the walk from the U-Bahn station was a big longer. I went to see Teenage Fanclub last week at Columbia Theater. Last time I went there it was called Columbia Fritz (after a local radio station). Getting to the venue on the other side of town felt like muscle memory, but once out of the station, my brain expected to be at the venue in a few metres. It was about 200 metres, at a guess. After being in Mexico, it felt really nice not to be searched when we entered the venue. Here’s my ticket, person at the door wishes me “Viel spaƟ!”

I can’t remember the last time I went to Columbia Theater. Might’ve been for a Phoenix show. I think I saw The Mission (yes!) and Franz Ferdinand there, too. Difficult to clearly remember others, cos there’s another venue a few metres along the street called Columbia Halle. That one is bigger and the place where I saw more concerts in Berlin than anywhere else. Always loved that venue. It was a functional box, with a fairly small balcony area.

My mate and I got a beer, caught up on six years of our lives. And it was nice. It is nice to see a band that are not as popular as they once were, and where most of the people in the audience are in the same age bracket. Indeed, there were several moments there where I saw people whose faces I recognised. Not friends or acquaintances, just people who went to the same sort of concerts that I went to back in the day.

People seemed cool to have a wee bit of personal space. There’s a wee door to the left of the stage, and we nipped in there to watch the band. Middle-aged audience so no mental crush down the front, and we hung out, enjoyed the old songs and didn’t know the new songs. Feet were tapped. Hands clapped.

Obviously Teenage Fanclub (and let’s pause for a moment to salute the greatness of that band name) have a sound but when they are filleting 22 songs out of their back catalogue, there’s a samey-ness in terms of tempo. Here’s the setlist.

The last song they played was Everything Flows, their first single from 1990. I wondered how it must feel to be 27 years into a career and still ending a show with the first song you released. Then I thought about Minipops for a second pushed that thought into the knot in my stomach.

A wee bit of artwork
An iPad drawing of the boxes.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Wow and Flutter by Stereolab. Five days in a row for Stereolab now, which seems a lot, but looking back at my records, there was a time in May 2015, where I had the songs of Taylor Swift in my head for sixteen consecutive mornings.

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Hermosillo, 14 February 2013

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February 14th, 2017 at 3:15 am

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