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3,241: Watercolour and gouache sketches and Mauerpark Nr. 18

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A bit of a break from the Mauerpark project (here, here, and here). I’m still working on that stuff, and I feel like I’m getting closer to where I want my painting to be, but over the last week I needed to focus my painting on something else. (It’s not really a break, more of a wee sidestep to think things through before returning to the main job.) I did a couple of gouache sketches based on photos I took in Chiapas in 2005, a watercolour of something imaginary that just started with a purple circle and expanded from there, and a watercolour of Frankfurter Tor based on a quick sketch I did on Monday when I was down there, a few minutes early waiting for a friend. I wanted to try and get something of the feel of the pencil sketch into watercolour. Not entirely a success, but that in itself is some kind of success.

Here’s the pencil sketch the above watercolour is based on.

These have been useful. I feel that the Mauerpark project has been heading in the right direction. There have been some I’ve been happy with at the time, some not. But I’ve never worried too much about the ones I’ve not been happy with because they are part of the process, and it’s be wrong and freakish if everything made me happy. But the progress is clear, to me, from the first Mauerpark painting, through what I think of the end-of-part-one, the seventh Mauerpark painting. Part two has had more missteps, I think, but they were necessary missteps. If I’m continuing this TV episode analogy, I feel that the most recent one (number 18, below) is close to the end-of-part-two. Part three will be interesting, I think.

Other business
I listened to an episode of the Reply All podcast yesterday, and at about 19m 45s into the episode, there’s an interesting segment about the origins of words like yas and shade.

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Crest by Stereolab

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