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3,268: Fußball in Berlin, part 4

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After three games way out in the west of the city, it was nice to go to one that was closer, just six trams stops away. I went to see Berliner AK 07. The AK stands for Athletik Klub, not Avtomat Kalashnikova. They play in the fourth tier, the Regionalliga Nordost, at Poststadion in the Moabit district, about a 10 minute walk from the city’s main train station. Yesterday’s game was against FC Schönberg 95.

Let’s talk about the stadium. Postastadion was built in 1929, and the main stand is very very nice-looking indeed. It was one of four stadiums in the city used for football at the 1936 Olympics. One of the quarter finals was there. Germany 0 Norway 2. The attendance that day was 55,000. One of those people was Mr Hitler. I wonder which team he was rooting for…

(Old stadium photos from here.)

Nowadays, though, it doesn’t have such a high capacity. It’s 10,000 apparently. There’s the main stand, a few rows of un-covered seating on the other side and some terracing behind one of the goals. Where people would’ve stood higher up back in the old days, it’s just trees now.

The old entrance ticket gates are still there but don’t need to be used. Instead, I bought my ticket (€10) from a woman in a small cabin about the size of a portaloo next to the main stand. Nearby were two fellas each with a small table. One, a younger guy, selling official team stuff (t-shirts, scarfs, hats, badges), the other was an older guy selling pins. Pins seem to be a popular thing for German football fans. I bought an AK 07 pin from him. I’m hoping to get one from every team I see doing this eleven-team project. A nice souvenir set to remind me of the project. (Although, I suspect it’ll end up being ten pins, cos one of the eleven teams is Hertha BSC reserves who play in the same division as AK 07.)

I got a beer, €2.50. The food on sale included döner kebabs. Never seen that at a football game before. It was the smallest crowd I’ve been a part of so far, just 111 people. But, y’know, this is a stadium without floodlights, so kick off for a midweek game in March was understandably early. 4.30pm. The crowd though, seemed nice. A nice mix of young and old. A good feeling in the stadium.

The game ended 2-2. The home team were never in the lead: 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2. They were the better team, though. The lack of floodlights meant it was pretty dusky by the end of the game. Totally reminded me of being a kid, not wanting to stop playing when it started getting dark.

The Eleven Berlin Teams Project:
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22/03/17: Berliner AK 07
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This video of correct pronunciations of car manufacturers massively gave me the giggles the other night. Here’s another, of famous actors.

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