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3,269: Fußball in Berlin, supplementary game No. 1

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Last night I went around the corner to the Kleines Stadion at the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark. Literally a five minute walk. It was a testspiel, a friendly, between two local teams: SV Empor Berlin of the Berlin-Liga (the sixth tier of German football) and 1. FC Union Berlin of the 2. Bundesliga (second tier).

Union are one of the city’s more popular teams and their home games are quite often sold out these days, as they are challenging for promotion to the 1. Bundesliga.

I umm-ed and aah-ed about whether to go, as this game (where the home team is of the sixth tier of German football) is not part of my Eleven Berlin Teams Project. It was Never Say Never Again, or the Factory Benelux release of Murder. Non-canonical, I guess.

SV Empor is a sports club with lots of members, lots of children’s football going on, so a ton of those people were watching the game. The rest of us paid six euros to get in. No seating, just three rows of terracing along one side, a few portable toilets, and some refreshments.

The kids from Empor made lots of noise and in the third minute, their team was 0-1 down. Four minutes later it was 0-2. By the ninth minute of the game it was 0-3. Eleven minutes went by before a fourth goal. By halftime It was 0-8.

As soon as the halftime whistle went, loads of the Empor kids ran onto the field and had their own kickarounds.

The second half was kinder on the home team: the game ended 0-11. The highest score game I’ve ever seen, besting a 5-4 game I saw in 2001.

According to Empor’s Facebook page, attendance was 621 paying attendees and “ca. 500” club members.

(Sorry, the photos were rubbish. Not sure what was wrong with my phone last night.)

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