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3,272: Fußball in Berlin, part 5

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There’s a cup competition in the city, it’s called the Berliner Landespokal, the Berlin Cup. The only teams in the city that don’t seem to take part are the ones in the first and second Bundesliga divisions. The competition started in August with a qualification round, with 51 games, then there’s the first round with 64 games, etc etc. This weekend were the semi-finals, and a pal and I went down to see VSG Altglienicke v. FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin. Altglienicke are in the fifth tier of German football, Viktoria in the fourth. On the way to the semi-final, Altglienicke beat Hellersdorfer FC Schwarz-Weiß of the Berlin Kreisliga B (10th tier of German football) by a score of 20-0. Eleven different scorers, including the goalie, and an own goal.

I’ve never been to the Altglienicke part of the city before. And once I was there, I can see why. It seems quite nice. Quiet. But if you were dropped there, you’d never really know you were in a capital city. It’s a part of town where you have to use two different types of public transport to get there. The buses here, though, are dreadfully modern, and have a screen displaying the names of the stops and everything.

Inside a clubhouse near the street, we bought a ticket (€8) and a beer (€2.50) and went over to the larger of two artificial turf fields where the game would be played. Plenty of people already there, the four or five rows of concrete bleachers nearly full. Before kick-off, a fella sang a song about VSG Altglienicke. Let’s go, football team! And, oh, they’re one-nil down within four minutes. They were two-nil down after ten minutes. The first half finished 0-3, and the game was essentially over. Final score: 0-4. Attendance: 528.

The second semi-final was on Sunday, where SD Croatia Berlin v Berliner FC Dynamo ended 0-3. The final is on 25 May at Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark, which is a) really close to where I live, and b) also Dynamo’s home stadium.

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