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3,294: La Isla Bonita

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La Isla Bonita by Madonna was number one in the UK thirty years ago.

I assume that when Madonna was talking about a beautiful island, she wasn’t talking about the UK. Probably somewhere a bit warmer. According to Wikipedia, the instrumental of this song was offered to Michael Jackson first. Madonna ended up with it, and give it some lyrics and a melody. It also says that the San Pedro mentioned in the song is the San Pedro in Belize. Cool. I like Belize. Never been to San Pedro, though.

Not anywhere close to my top ten of favourite Madonna songs, but good enough, and way better than the awful version of Let It Be that it replaced at the top of the charts.

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A wee bit of artwork
Back in 2013, I did some drawings of little pixelly diamond-y fellas, all the home kits in English football, the Scottish Premier League, and Liga MX in Mexico. Finally got around to doing another one, this season’s 1. Bundesliga teams.

Other business
For obvious reasons, and just out of interest, I filled in this thingy, to see how in line with Labour I am.

The answer was, unsurprisingly: very.

A little bit annoyed that I’m 40% Conservative, though. That’s kinda gross.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Wow and Flutter by Stereolab.

On this day
Eyes, 19 April 2005

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Semi-major and semi-minor axes

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April 19th, 2017 at 3:22 am

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