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3,303: Fußball in Berlin, supplementary game No. 4

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After tweeting some photos from the Tennis Borussia game last weekend, a fan mentioned that there was an away game that was relatively easily-accessible. They were playing FC Strausberg. Strausberg is a small town in the state of Brandenberg about 30km east of Berlin, but still on the S-Bahn line. Considering I’d already expanded the Eleven Teams project to include a supplementary visit to another Brandenberg team on the S-Bahn (SV Babelsberg 03), it seemed entirely apt that I should go. (This extension to include S-Bahn-accessible teams* means that I will probably have to go and see SV Germania 90 Schöneiche at some point, too. They are in Schöneiche, also in Brandenberg, which I guess I should point out is a state that entirely surrounds the city-state of Berlin. Seeing them would properly seal the project and the supplementary project as done, without leaving any threads hanging.)

*Looking at how I’ve got to the fifteen games I’ve been to, two were in walking distance, one was via tram, one on the U-Bahn, ten via S-Bahn, and another via S-Bahn and bus.

The journey out to Strausberg was a bit longer than it should’ve been due to the line being closed at its eastern end for some reason: repairs, I assume. The last few stations on the line were via a replacement bus. All in all, it took about an hour and three-quarters door-to-door. As with all of these stadiums that I’ve never been to before, I took a screen shot of the location on Google Maps so I could see where I was heading. Needn’t really have bothered as there was a football fans’ trail of stickers on lampposts and such things from the S-Bahn station all the way to the ground.

The FC Strausberg stadium is called Energie Arena. Eight euros to get in. It’s a perfectly simple affair. A running track with worn-out markings and only one side of the ground has bleachers and areas to stand. But they do have a rather attractive little cabin for the stadium announcer. The team has a cool badge, though, with an ostrich kicking a ball. After getting a beer (€2.50), for the first time on this Berlin fußball journey, I went and stood in the part of the ground with the away supporters.

After last weekend’s Tennis game I had seen all the Berlin teams in the top five tiers. I mentioned that there were two teams which I kinda dug: Tennis Borussia Berlin and SV Babelsberg 03. Midweek, I went to another Babelsberg game, and stood there, while I enjoyed it and big respect to their fans and all that, I kinda knew that Tennis would be “my” Berlin team. Can’t say how or why that feeling came about. It just did.

It was sunny for a bit, then it hailed, then rained. Then got sunny again. And then rained again. The home team took the lead after about half an hour, and Tennis equalised just before half time. It was an average game. The home team didn’t have ballboys or girls, so the goalie had to go and retrieve wayward shots himself.

Just after half time I got chatting to the guy who contacted me on Twitter. I’d noticed two or three people that could’ve been the person I half-remembered from a thumbnail Twitter avatar, but was a bit too shy to ask any of them if they were the person. Thankfully, he was more outgoing than me, and we had a nice wee chat. Thoroughly pleasant fellow.

In the 76th minute, Tennis scored again. 1-2. And that’s how it ended. Attendance 169. My guess would be half of those were away fans. After the Tennis team had had a wee post-win huddle, they came over to the Tennis fans, applauded them, then walked along the front row and high-fived fans, which I’m fairly sure I’ve never seen before at a football game.

I chatted with a couple of other Tennis fans on the way back to the bus to get the S-Bahn back to Berlin. A very friendly bunch. I’ll be seeing those fans, that team again on Wednesday back at their home stadium.

The Eleven Berlin Teams Project:
Hertha BSC v Eintracht Frankfurt, (25/2/17)
FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin v 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig (18/3/17)
FC Hertha 03 Zehlendorf v SV Lichtenberg 47, (19/3/17)
Berliner AK 07 v FC Schönberg 95, (22/3/17)
VSG Altglienicke v FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin, (25/3/17)
Berliner FC Dynamo v Hertha BSC II, (29/3/17)
Hertha BSC II v FSV Union Fürstenwalde, (1/4/17)
Charlottenburger FC Hertha 06 v 1. FC Frankfurt, (2/4/17)
1. FC Union Berlin v Erzgebirge Aue, (5/4/17)
SV Lichtenberg 47 v SV Victoria Seelow, (14/4/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v FC Hansa Rostock II, (15/4/17)

The Eleven Berlin Teams Project Supplementary Games:
SV Empor Berlin v 1. FC Union Berlin, (23/3/17)
SV Babelsberg 03 v Berliner AK 07, (7/4/17)
SV Babelsberg 03 v Hertha BSC II, (20/4/17)
FC Strausberg v Tennis Borussia Berlin, (23/4/17)

A wee bit of artwork
After the Bundesliga football diamonds last week, I decided to do football diamonds for the Eleven Berlin Teams Project:

And here’s some football-related Minipops. First, Brazilian legend Sócrates. Second, the Lincoln City manager and assistant manager, the Cowley brothers. Third, the starting XI from Lincoln City’s National League title-winning game vs. Macclesfield Town on Saturday. Fourth, Lionel Messi.

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