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3,314: A Wurst Triptych

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I’m quite into drawing food. The individual elements are often indistinct (a sausage, for example, is just a tube of brown-ish colour innit?) which makes it a nice challenge. So here are three sausage-based German dishes. A Wurst Triptych: Bratwurst, WeiƟwurst, Currywurst. You can see it a bit bigger here.

Continuing the Germanic eatin’ theme, here’s this season’s culinary highlight: white asparagus with Hollandaise sauce and a couple of potatoes.

Here’s a bit of Stilton.

And here’s a pixel fried egg. I still think of this as a pixel drawing, even though I’ve messed with it. I re-sized it so each 1×1 pixel was 20×20 pixels, rounded off some of the edges, and then played with some Photoshoppy stuff to do the other stuff.

Some other stuff
Another thing playing with pixels, a remix of Minipop No. 1,209 (Sleaford Mods).

Juxtaposition is the cool new thing, apparently, so here’s a hipster alt country dude next to something that is full of shit.

And heeeeeeere’s some chopping up of photographs to create Roy Division.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Live While We’re Young by One Direction

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May 4th, 2017 at 1:08 am

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