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3,315: Self portrait as eleven poles

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This drawing began as just a simple play on words that came about after a Brexit conversation. I’d mentioned that I would happily give up my British citizenship to still be an EU citizen. I don’t care about being British. It’s nothing to actually be proud of these days. I would rather be German, Spanish or a Pole. Yep, simple silly word play. Sorry.

The poles, left to right: the ceremonial South Pole, utility pole, lamppost, baseball stadium foul pole, barber’s pole, Bavarian maypole, windsock, Voladores pole, pole-dancing pole, totem pole, flag pole.

A note about the totem pole: it is intentionally not a representation of any particular group’s totem pole. Native American groups and artists take their work seriously and, naturally, own the rights to any representations of their poles, so I didn’t want to copy anyone else’s work *cough* so I drew one that is out of my own head, but inspired by the general vibe of a totem pole.

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May 5th, 2017 at 5:15 am

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