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3,321: Pixel food

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As you may have noticed, I’ve drawing a bit of pixel food recently. More than anything it’s a) fun, and b) really good pixel practice. Doing precision is pixels is time consuming, but relatively easy. Buildings, machines, trains, etc. Once the shape is right with those things, the rest falls into place. I find food a bit harder, mostly because food doesn’t have too many straight lines, and drawing things with random shapes (like the edge of a fried egg, for example) takes a bit more work. Getting things to look random usually has way more attempts than a straight thing. Colour is also hard. My natural tendency is not to have too pronounced an amount of chiaroscuro. And that, combined with how I rarely use black outlines on my pixel work (in the way that Eboy do, for example), means getting the slight changes in colour can be a challenge. The white of a fried egg is a good example of that. Don’t want the whole thing to be too grey, but need some highlights.

A decade ago I did a Big Mac. Felt like it turned out okay at the time. Fairly sure I’d do it differently today, mind.

In 2015, while not strictly food, it’s food-related. One of those self-ketchuping hot dog sculptures.

A first attempt at a fried egg.

A better attempt at a fried egg from 2016, mostly because it’s a fried egg sandwich.

Here’s one of my favourite FFF things, Neptune Fish Bar. I liked the idea of a fish and chip shop trying to go a bit upmarket by pretending it was a sushi restaurant. I am planning a new Neptune Fish Bar thing. It’s probably gonna be “taco nite at the chippy.”

Some more stuff from the last couple of years: sushi (these were part of the process for the Neptune Fish Bar thing), a taco al pastor, a pop tart, piece of Battenburg cake, Marmite on a crumpet, a teabag, a cosmic potato, and a hot dog with toothpaste instead of mustard or ketchup.

That all brings us up to date. The recent flurry: a pretzel, the wurst triptych (bratwurst, weißwurst with a slightly different pretzel than the previous one, and currywurst), Weißer Spargel mit Holländische Soße und Kartoffeln (white asparagus with Hollandaise sauce and potatoes), a piece of Stilton, tacos al pastor (I’d totally forgotten I’d done this before), and yesterday’s fish finger sandwich.

And here’s a couple of new ones: baked beans on toast, and the king of all food, Marmite on toast.

Looking at all of those tells me, amongst other things, that I really should start drawing some healthier things.

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Written by Craig

May 11th, 2017 at 1:43 am

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  1. I think you really nailed the fried egg.


    11 May 17 at 10:10

  2. Thanks! I’m pretty happy with it.


    11 May 17 at 11:56

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