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On Sunday, I went with some friends to see some horse racing. First time outside of Mexico, where I’ve been to the Hipódromo de las Américas in Mexico City a couple of times. This one, though, was at a place called Galopprennbahn Hoppegarten, just outside of the eastern edge of Berlin. A few people looked like they thought they were at Ascot with the hats and stuff. Most people, though, were like us: in normal clothes. It was Irish Day, which seemed to just mean some people playing Irish music on a stage outside of the racetrack area, and far far away from the rest of the booze and food, you could buy a Guinness. There was a stand from the Irish Embassy, too. Maybe I should’ve tried to stay there. Claimed political asylum, escaping from the evil Brexit regime.

Like being at a zoo, I have mixed feelings watching a horse race. Am I mentally silencing objections simply because I quite enjoy being there? In one race, a horse was way behind all the others. He pulled up in front of where we were. Something was wrong. A couple of cars and a horsebox came out. They put up a screen so the people couldn’t see the horse. And they shot it.

They didn’t really shoot it. When they removed the screen, the horse had gone into the horsebox, and they all drove off to the stables. Where they shot the horse. I don’t know if that happened, but why let the truth get in the way of what I feel might be the case. It worked for those fucking awful Brexit voters, so maybe I should start living like that.

I bet on three races. In the first one, I bet a whole euro on Amigo. The rider has an orange shirt with black arms. It came second. It was in the lead for quite a while, though. Not sure that counts as winning, though. Then I chucked another whole euro on Bebe Cherie. That one came 14th out of 16. In the last race we bet on, I went hell for leather, betting two euros on Ostana. And whaddayaknow! It won! €16.80. Victory! Quit while you’re ahead, son. We celebrated with a plastic bowl of pea soup. And it was good pea soup.

What else? Hmmm. Oh yeh, “Horses” by Patti Smith. It’s one of those albums that I just can’t get my head around. Like “London Calling” and “Astral Weeks.” Good gosh, I’ve tried to like it, or even just appreciate it. But, nah, it’s not happening. I do like “Careful” by Horse, though. That’s a good song.

This is a Minecraft horse:

When it gets hit by lightning it turns into a skellington:

I think that’s the end of this horsey post. It’s good, though, that Wikipedia has THREE SOURCES for this sentence on its Pony page:

Okay, one more thing: I always think of two players when I think of Pony sportswear. Tony Cottee and Matt Le Tissier.

(And yes, sorry, I amused myself quite greatly by not having any photos of horses from Sunday. Dumb, I know.)

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