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3,332: Fußball in Berlin, games 23 and 24

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Friday night was another local derby for Tennis Borussia, the last of their eight Berlin derby games of the season, away at FC Hertha 03 Zehlendorf. I went to see Hertha 03 in March. Nice little stadium. It was grim and rainy and cold that day, Friday was a lovely warm evening. The weather and the visiting team made a big difference to the attendance, too. I’d been told that a lot of Tennis fans went to this game last season, and it was no different the other night. Hertha 03’s average attendance this season has been 183. Their previous highest attendance of the season was 275. On Friday, it was 407.

They had laid on extra staff, too, compared to the last time I was there. Someone grilling sausages, a couple of lads sorting out the beers, and someone else selling cakes, the proceeds of which were, if I remember correctly, going to the girls team.

It was a monumentally fun atmosphere. Chatting, singing, balloons. The deeper one gets into being a fan of Tennis Borussia, the more rewarding it is. I like that when I walk to get a beer, I can now say hello to someone I’ve spoken to at another game along the way. It’s not the football quality, of course, it’s a feeling of being part of a group. This is obvious. But I have struggled with the idea of fandom over the past few years. I had issues with the New York Yankees to the point where I just stopped supporting them, I’ve not felt comfortable with some of the things the Cruz Azul ownership has done, and the Diablos Rojos del México’s new policy of only hiring Mexican players makes me very angry indeed. But here, with the Tennis fans… it sounds sentimental, a bit mawkish maybe, but it’s so nice to feel at home even though I’ve only been to seven of their games. And that’s entirely down to their fans.

Tennis took a 1-0 lead into half time. And made it 2-0 just after the break. They lost 4-2.

On Sunday, I went down to Neukölln. A part of the city I never really went to when I initially lived in Berlin. But since I’ve been away, it’s become the cool part of town, because of the cheaper rents. A friend and I went to see SV Tasmania Berlin v SC Staaken. This is the Berlin Liga, the sixth tier of football, one tier below Tennis Borussia’s division. Before the game, Staaken were top of the league with four games remaining. A victory over third place Tasmania combined with a loss from second place Eintracht Mahlsdorf would give Staaken the title. Staaken won 1-0, but Mahlsdorf won their game, too. Champagne on ice for another week when the title is purely in their own hands: win one game, and they are champs.

In a way, Tasmania’s ground Werner-Seelenbinder-Sportpark is kinda perfect. It’s small, has some seats in the middle, and terraces either side of those seats on both sides of the field. One end of the field, where several balls were hoofed, there’s some trees. The other end, some benches and tables were a bunch of people sat, drank, and watched the game. I went to this game with a friend. It was her first live football game since seeing Arsenal at the [Name of Airline] Stadium. Thankfully, she enjoyed it. As always: live football is fun. Be it a shit game or a good game, there’s usually something to enjoy.

While we were there, I met Ben, a British photographer living in Berlin. He takes great photos of football in the lower leagues. If you like photos and football, he’s worth a follow: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Web site. His photos are very much better than mine.

My next game (Thursday) should be an exciting one: it’s the Berlin Cup Final between FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin and Berliner FC Dynamo at my local stadium, Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark.

And, finally, the old style naming of the Berlin Fußball Project now seem a little pointless. What started out as an inside-of-my-brain school project to see the eleven Berlin teams in the top five tiers of German football was completed in the middle of April. I am, though, still writing about football in Berlin. So I will continue to link to the posts until the end of the season.

Fußball in Berlin:
Hertha BSC v Eintracht Frankfurt, (25/2/17)
FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin v 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig (18/3/17)
FC Hertha 03 Zehlendorf v SV Lichtenberg 47, (19/3/17)
Berliner AK 07 v FC Schönberg 95, (22/3/17)
SV Empor Berlin v 1. FC Union Berlin, (23/3/17)
VSG Altglienicke v FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin, (25/3/17)
Berliner FC Dynamo v Hertha BSC II, (29/3/17)
Hertha BSC II v FSV Union Fürstenwalde, (1/4/17)
Charlottenburger FC Hertha 06 v 1. FC Frankfurt, (2/4/17)
1. FC Union Berlin v Erzgebirge Aue, (5/4/17)
SV Babelsberg 03 v Berliner AK 07, (7/4/17)
SV Lichtenberg 47 v SV Victoria Seelow, (14/4/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v FC Hansa Rostock II, (15/4/17)
SV Babelsberg 03 v Hertha BSC II, (20/4/17)
FC Strausberg v Tennis Borussia Berlin, (23/4/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v Charlottenburger FC Hertha 06, (26/4/17)
SV Babelsberg 03 v FC Energie Cottbus, (28/4/17)
SV Germania 90 Schöneiche v SV Altlüdersdorf, (29/4/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v FC Mecklenburg Schwerin, (30/4/17)
1. FC Frankfurt v Tennis Borussia Berlin, (7/5/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v SV Grün-Weiss Brieselang, (12/5/17)
SV Empor Berlin v SV Tasmania Berlin, (13/5/17)
FC Hertha 03 Zehlendorf v Tennis Borussia Berlin, (19/5/17)
SV Tasmania Berlin v SC Staaken, (21/5/17)

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