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3,351: Fußball in Berlin, game 27

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This blog post’s title is inaccurate, it wasn’t in Berlin, or anywhere close. It was a proper away day in Wismar, up north on the Baltic Sea coast, about 250 kilometres from Berlin, about three-and-a-half hours on the train. The last day of the Oberliga Nord season, FC Anker Wismar v Tennis Borussia Berlin. A fairly nothing game in terms of things to play for: TeBe were fourth before the game, Wismar sixth. Those three places were up for grabs (Hertha 03 Zehlendorf were fifth).

I joined about eighty TeBe fans on the train. Lots of group tickets were purchased which allow five people to travel there and back for just €11 each. We were on one of those double decker trains which I’ve never seen in the UK (or anywhere other than Germany, but that speaks to my lack of European travel more than anything else). We kinda colonised a whole two level carriage. There were other people, non-TeBe people, there but while there was drinking and merriment, this is a club whose fans do not in anyway appear threatening. I made a choice last week to have a bit of a break from drinking. Something I tend to do every once in a while. Sometimes it’s related to a spurt of cluster headaches which make drinking impossible, sometimes just for a bit of a break. It was interesting to be amongst people who were knocking back the beers and schnapps for three hours before we even got to Wismar. The amount that some people were drinking would’ve floored me.

It was drizzly when we arrived. A bit muggy. A brief stop at the harbour for some fish and chips, and a fun walk through some allotments and fields taking a short cut to the stadium, the Kurt-Bürger-Stadion. And what a lovely wee stadium it was, too. Like a lot of stadiums at the level, there was one stand, a bit of terracing, and some trees on the far side of the ground. It was nice to stand there and appreciate the joy that bigger stadiums don’t give you: trees. Beautiful green trees as a backdrop to a game of football. Wismar looks like a city that keeps itself clean and tidy with tourist money, and the town’s money has also seemed to have kept the stadium looking good. The main stand looked like some sort of horse stable building from the outside. To enter the main stand, there were doors. Proper doors. Wooden doors.

A few minutes before the game, some news started spreading around the TeBe fans: we only have ten players. I don’t know if this is true, it was just rumours that were going around, but it seems like players that hadn’t had their contracts renewed for next season had decided en masse not to travel, leaving Tennis Borussia with just ten players. No substitutes, obviously, and one of the goalkeepers playing outfield. It was a little odd. But, somehow it added to the occasion for me: I was in a town 250 kilometres away from Berlin watching a ninth game in a row (home and away) of a fifth tier German team that I’ve somehow come to care about.

Wismar were the better team somewhat unsurprisingly given the situation. But good gosh, Tennis Borussia played hard and with a lot of heart. They kept it 0-0 until the 65th minute, and a good chance to equalise a few minutes before the end of the game, just before Wismar went straight back up the other end and made it 2-0. Which is how it ended. The whole game, from kick off the final whistle, the Tennis fans were singing and shouting. It was incredible fun to be in amongst that. When the PA played Zombie Nation after each Wismar goal, and a few of the home team fans celebrated looking over at the noisy visitors, what they saw was TeBe fans dancing to the music.

After the final whistle, the knackered players came over. We clapped them, they clapped us. And we all gathered ourselves together, and as one trudged back into the town centre. Some people got more beer, some had döners, I had a chocolate ice cream. Even more beers were bought on the way back to the train station. And somehow, people drank them and kept on partying. It was a long journey through fairly ordinary landscape, and I was happy, as one is on any journey back, when the train pulled into Alexanderplatz station, so I could jump on the U-Bahn to return home.

It was a splendid day. The bad result meant nothing to me, really. The day had been a victory. The nine Tennis Borussia games I’ve seen have been a victory (technically four wins, two draws, three defeats). I’m looking forward to the dates of the 2017-18 pre-season friendlies being announced.

Fußball in Berlin:
Hertha BSC v Eintracht Frankfurt, (25/2/17)
FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin v 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig (18/3/17)
FC Hertha 03 Zehlendorf v SV Lichtenberg 47, (19/3/17)
Berliner AK 07 v FC Schönberg 95, (22/3/17)
SV Empor Berlin v 1. FC Union Berlin, (23/3/17)
VSG Altglienicke v FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin, (25/3/17)
Berliner FC Dynamo v Hertha BSC II, (29/3/17)
Hertha BSC II v FSV Union Fürstenwalde, (1/4/17)
Charlottenburger FC Hertha 06 v 1. FC Frankfurt, (2/4/17)
1. FC Union Berlin v Erzgebirge Aue, (5/4/17)
SV Babelsberg 03 v Berliner AK 07, (7/4/17)
SV Lichtenberg 47 v SV Victoria Seelow, (14/4/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v FC Hansa Rostock II, (15/4/17)
SV Babelsberg 03 v Hertha BSC II, (20/4/17)
FC Strausberg v Tennis Borussia Berlin, (23/4/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v Charlottenburger FC Hertha 06, (26/4/17)
SV Babelsberg 03 v FC Energie Cottbus, (28/4/17)
SV Germania 90 Schöneiche v SV Altlüdersdorf, (29/4/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v FC Mecklenburg Schwerin, (30/4/17)
1. FC Frankfurt v Tennis Borussia Berlin, (7/5/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v SV Grün-Weiss Brieselang, (12/5/17)
SV Empor Berlin v SV Tasmania Berlin, (13/5/17)
FC Hertha 03 Zehlendorf v Tennis Borussia Berlin, (19/5/17)
SV Tasmania Berlin v SC Staaken, (21/5/17)
Berliner FC Dynamo v FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin, (25/5/17)
Tennis Borussia Berlin v SV Altlüdersdorf, (28/5/17)
FC Anker Wismar v Tennis Borussia Berlin, (3/6/17)

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