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3,360: Roses and cilantro

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A couple of digital drawings of plants. A pixelly one of a rose plant which I started in the Pixaki app, finished in Photoshop. (This is no slight on Pixaki, it’s just that I do quite often these days. The beauty of Pixaki is it’s a way to do pixel doodles when I’m not sat at my desk, but finishing them off, changing things, is quicker in Photoshop.) The cilantro plant was done in Procreate.

With regard to the use of the word cilantro, it’s not an americanism. (Not that there’s anything wrong with americanisms, generally, apart from “bangs” instead of “fringe” and the horror of “I could care less.”) It’s just that some words come naturally in the language I’ve said them most. I still naturally say brezel instead of pretzel simply because I rarely said the English word when I lived in English-speaking countries, and I’ve said it way more often in Berlin. Likewise coriander. I can’t say for certain that I never bought it when I lived in the UK or Berlin (where the word is koriander), but I know that I bought cilantro a couple of times a month in Mexico, thus it’s the word that immediately comes to mind.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Hasta Que Te ConocĂ­ by Juan Gabriel

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Written by Craig

June 13th, 2017 at 1:28 am

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