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3,362: Star Trekkin’

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Star Trekkin’ by The Firm was number one in the UK thirty years ago. Not the hip hop supergroup, or the rock supergroup of the same name. This Firm were a shitgroup.

Maybe that’s unfair. It’s not like this Firm set out to create great music. It’s a novelty song based around Star Trek lyrics. I listened to it just before I started typing, and it’s still rubbish, but the thing that stands out is how weak it is. It’s basic as fuck. If you feel the need to listen to it, or watch its video: here it is.

I’m not being snobby about novelty songs. They have their place in the world of music, just as mosquitos have their place in nature. Novelty records aren’t aimed at me, though. But I was their audience at one point. Indeed, while the cool kids were getting into this new band called the Smiths, I was buying the 7″ single of The Birdie Song in 1983. And if people enjoy it, who am I to judge them? (This attitude does not extend to neo-Nazis, paedos, or Muse, though.)

In one way, it’s quite astonishing how Star Trekkin’ got to number one that week with the likes of Whitney, George Michael, and U2 also in the top ten. There was also Johnny Logan, Bruce Willis, and Samantha Fox in the top ten, though, so it’ll hardly go down as a classic top ten, (which I’ve just realised would be quite a good topic for a blog post).

I was never into Star Trek, so I had to check IMDB, which tells me that the fourth film was released in the UK in April 1987, so I guess that must’ve been why people were into a Star Trek-themed novelty record. The guy who made the record went on to do music for the King of the Hill cartoon series.

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