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3,382: Four former ballparks

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Continuing my learnin’-Adobe-Illustrator thing, I’ve been drawing some former baseball stadiums. I started with the old Yankee Stadium, the first place I ever saw a baseball game back in 2005.

That one turned out alright, but I kinda wanted to do one that was a bit less detailed. The Minipops approach, really: removing details to make a more interesting drawing. While playing around, it became clear that using outlines might help what I was wanting to do. I did three more: the Kingdome, formerly of Seattle; Shea Stadium, formerly of New York; and the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome, formerly of Minneapolis.

Those last three are available as prints at my Society6 shop. And tote bags. They have a ton of different stuff at Society6, some I like, some I’m not so keen on. I tend to turn the option on whenever I feel like the specific drawing might look okay, which is why these are available as tote bags and most other stuff isn’t.

Another bit of artwork
Back in 2011, I did a drawing called Elimination pokeys. It was towards the end of the MLB season, and as teams were eliminated from contention for a playoff place, I imagined balls of a body being removed, like how you could get rid of the balls of the body of Pokeys in Super Mario 64. And that old idea mixed with yesterday’s Hubert and Humphrey drawing, lead to this, American League West Boy, a boy with five heads based on the current (last night’s) standings in one of MLB’s divisions.

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To Love Somebody by the Bee Gees

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No Wilson, 30 June 2005

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