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Fun fact: two-thirds of all Major League Baseball stadiums have corporate naming rights. I wonder if my generation will be the last one where this feels wrong. Like, we grew up with stadiums have real names like Highbury or Maine Road not the Emirates or Etihad. A few weeks ago, I was with a friend and I asked his teenage son if he knew what the mime I was doing meant. I was doing the circling fist gesture for winding down a car window. He had no idea. And why would he. He’s grown up in a time where you press a button to lower a car window. Maybe it’ll be the same with stadium names.

To me, though, it still jars. Especially when stadiums change names because of a contract ending. The Chicago White Sox’s stadium, for example, opened in 1991 as Comiskey Park, named after the team’s original stadium just across the street. In 2003, it became U.S. Cellular Field. And since 2016, it’s been called Guaranteed Rate Field. A truly ridiculous name for a stadium. But at least some White Sox fans still have the memory of an original name, can still call it Comiskey Park if they want to.

Not so for Seattle Mariners fans. Their park has been called Safeco Field ever since it opened in 1999. That will change after the 2018 season, though. That company won’t be renewing its contract with the Mariners.

Sports teams don’t want this to happen, but I think fans should collectively decide on a non-corporate name for stadiums like Safeco Field or the Emirates Stadium. Something for them to fall back on after naming rights contracts end. All of this is an entirely meandering way of saying, “I did a drawing of a section of the Mariners’s stadium the other day.” And here it is:

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July 5th, 2017 at 12:29 am

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