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3,390: You’ve Got Mail

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It’s not a new observation to note that technology dates a film fairly quickly. I watched You’ve Got Mail (1998) again the other night. Entirely marvellous film. Meg there with her Apple Powerbook 3400, Tom with his IBM Thinkpad 300. Both of them typing with the flourish of concert pianists so that we know what they are doing, which I guess must’ve felt entirely necessary to do, especially cos up until the Internet being a normal part of daily life, computers in films were just things that nerds used.

The computery intro still looks great, though. Yes it’s dated, but it has dated quite well, I think.

And this is what they onscreen stuff looked:

Aaah, I love that film. When I visited New York in 2008, I went to the place where they met at the end of the film to do this.

Mostly though, when I watch You’ve Got Mail, I am reminded of how nice it was to visit New York. Something I did quite a lot in the last decade. It’s eight years today since I left the States for the last time. And I’ve mourned the loss of the U.S. from my life in the traditional ways. The last couple of years, though, it feels so abstract. That country might as well be a blank space on a map. I’ve blocked its possibilities out. It’s like China. I’d like to go one day, but that’s about as far as I will let the thought go. That’s a bad comparison. I have no burning desire to go to China, but the desire to visit the U.S. again has just been suppressed so much that it doesn’t even feel possible anymore. Mostly the U.S. is Mexico’s neighbour for me now. It’s easy to suppress it when you see bad things about it, (the current president, etc.) but it doesn’t take a huge amount to bring the feelings back. You’ve Got Mail does that.

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July 7th, 2017 at 1:10 am

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