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3,400: Hickatee Cottages

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As I’ve probably mentioned many times over the past decade, Hickatee Cottages in Punta Gorda, Belize is one of my favourite places. I’ve been thinking about Belize a lot recent. Not really sure why. Maybe it’s the time of year that brings it to mind again, as I was there in the summer last year.

Belize is a strange place. I’m not really sure why I like it so much. But I do, and I kinda miss it after not being there for a while.

But, yesterday I was looking through my folder of unfinished drawings and found a drawing from 2012 of the main building at Hickatee that I’d done with the C64 Paint app (a pixel art app that had just 16 colours). I’d added some background trees in Photoshop now and then over the past five years, but my brain was in the right place to sit down and finish the drawing.

This was the drawing that I did while I was there in 2012:

Here are some other drawings I did while I was there in 2012. And this is the drawing I finished yesterday. I’m very happy with it. I like drawing trees and plants specifically because it’s such a daunting task. It’s easy to do stylised flora, but a real challenge to try and create an element of realism with pixels. It’s fun to do, and my mind stops babbling with other noise and I tend to be able to knuckle down, clicky click, one pixel at a time.

My friends Kate and Ian no longer run Hickatee. It’s had new owners for nearly a year now. I hope they are doing well, but I’m in two minds as to whether I should ever return. In one way, Hickatee’s joy is tied closely to the friendship that grew out of meeting them there for the first time in 2008, and what’s the point of going back there and it not being the same? If it’s worse, it would feel like a wasted trip, and on the other hand, well, I don’t really want it to be better. I guess the reality is I can’t imagine never visiting Punta Gorda again, and if I do, there’s really only one place I’d want to stay. So I suppose it’s inevitable. In this last paragraph I’ve managed to convince myself to do it one day. One thing I do know: if I ever won the lottery, I’d buy Hickatee and close it and keep it for myself, spend my whole day painting there, like Monet in his garden.

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