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3,402: Who’s That Girl

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Who’s That Girl by Madonna was number one in the UK thirty years ago. A long time ago, eh.

Not one of my favourite Madonna songs, and not a song I listen to very often, frankly. I never saw the movie of the same name. Or heard the soundtrack album. Kinda strange that it’s credited as a Madonna album on the sleeve even though only four of the nine songs are by Madonna. More pertinent to not listening to it very often, though, is that it’s not on The Immaculate Collection, her first greatest hits. More often than not, unless I wanna listen to specific non-singles, I will just open up either of her first two best ofs.

I like best ofs. But my brain likes them best when they follow a couple of rules: every single, and in chronological order. The Immaculate Collection does the later, but not the former. Even if we ignore her first two singles (Everybody and Burning Up) which weren’t hits in the Billboard or UK charts, It’s missing a whopping eleven singles from between 1983 and 1990: Angel, Dress You Up, Gambler, True Blue, Who’s That Girl, Causing a Commotion, The Look of Love, Oh Father (UK only single), Dear Jessie, Keep It Together, Hanky Panky.

One could definitely argue that if you were gonna drop eleven singles from a singles compilation they chose the right eleven to drop, but still.

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