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3,165: Plans subject to change

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You make plans, you meet up
hi-ya, hallo, *hug*
blah-de-blah, U-bahn
Züruckbleiben bitte!
Bit of a change of plan, not going to that burger place
Okay, cool. Well, let’s go somewhere else instead
Turkish place? Yep. Cool
Which sauce?
Danke! Tschüß!
What time’s that thing start? Half nine. *looks at watch*
Let’s have a beer at Möbel Olfe now, then?
Chat chat chat. This and that
Noch ein Berliner bitte
Noch ein Berliner bitte
Noch ein Berliner bitte
Pay the bill, where’s this place, then?
Not far, on Skalitzer Straße. Should be around here somewhere
Not here, maybe it’s back there, or here
Wrong door, up the stairs. Different place
Fuck it, let’s just stay here: Siegessäule night at Monarch
Cheers! Joan Jett, Prince, excellent music all night
Drunkenly inventing a convoluted handshake, playing table football, chatting with strangers
Time to go home, though. A bit drunk
Let’s get the U-bahn
*goes to U-bahn*
No trains, too late
Taxi? No, too expensive, let’s get a bus
Bus to Warschauer Straße, then the tram
A nice wee chat with strangers on the bus
17 minutes to wait for the traim, not the traim: the tram, typo
the night tram the party tram
A beer to share from the späti
Four photos/two euros from the Automat
Click click click click
Photo reminder of great night with great friend
Tram, chatting away drunkenly, woman across the way is smiling and laughing at our stupid conversation
She’s Sarah. Half German/half British
We chat all the way home with Sarah
Off the tram, little walk.
Okay, get home safe. Tschüß. *hug*

A wee bit of artwork

Noch ein Berliner bitte

A photo posted by Craig Robinson (@flipflopflying) on

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Better Best Forgotten by Steps. Third Steps song in the last ten days. Who’da thunk it. Well, there’s a simple explanation, ackchewelly: I watched some Steps reunion from British telly on YouTube. So, in this song, when they’re singing about relationship business, it occurred to me that Faye, Claire, and Lisa all sing a bit, and all seem to be singing about the same sort of thing. Are all three of them going through the same thing at the same time? That’d be quite the coincidence. Maybe it’s just fiction, though. You’ll be telling me that all songs are fiction next. That’s the post-truth world we live in.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Total Recall (1990 film)

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December 9th, 2016 at 2:53 am

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3,164: Prints and stuff

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Nearly Xmas, innit? Fancy a bit of me all over your walls without having to hire an assassin that lures me to your living quarters and blows my brains out all over your lounge wall? Well well well, ladies and gents, get yerself over to my page on Society6, cos I done got looooooads of prints of stuff that you can buy. A decent chunk of them are baseball-themed, but don’t let that worry should you not be a fan of the old fancy rounders, there’s a fair bit of other stuff too. So, if you like my work, have a wee look, eh? Maybe think of it as throwing a few coins in my guitar case. Thanks, me dears. Here’s a few examples.

Here’s that link again, save your wrist and fingers a bit of scrolling back up the page: Society6

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December 8th, 2016 at 9:41 am

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3,163: Kraftwerk cactus

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I’ve done loads of Kraftwerk-themed drawings over the sixteen-and-a-half years that I’ve been doing the site. They’re kinda perfect for projecting ideas onto. Daft Punk are similar, to a lesser extent. A well-managed aesthetic and very little personal information allows for that, I think.

Which is to say: I’ve done another bloody Kraftwerk-themed drawing. This time of a prickly pear cactus, with each pad thingy designed to look like one of three of Kraftwerk’s looks.

This blog post is brought to you by GotNothingToActuallyWriteAboutToday Industries.

A wee bit more artwork
Another painting of Mauerpark.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Last Thing on My Mind by Steps

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Mexico City Metro

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Written by Craig

December 8th, 2016 at 9:18 am

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3,162: Mauerpark

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Mauerpark (literally “wall park” in English) is my local park. I’m right next to it, I can see it from the window. And it’s felt like my local park for a long time. Whenever I think about a park, it’s Mauerpark. I used to go to this park twice a day with Billy. It’s not particularly pretty, but it that doesn’t really matter. In a way, it’s a better park for it. Back in the day, it used to be a parade ground, a train yard, and most recently, the death strip between the walls keeping East and West Berlin apart.

When the wall came down, locals basically took over, planted some trees and started using it as a park. I remember being told that is was something that nobody asked permission for, but I could be wrong. Even if that is wrong, though, I like to think that after a divided city, locals just ignored the rules and thought, fuck it, this place is public space now.

Like every park, it has tons of uses. Mauerpark these days has some sort of karaoke thing in the summer. There’s a flea market right next to it on Sundays. There are buskers, kite-fliers, dogs, kids, joggers, people drinking. And while it’s arguably nicer in the summers, winter was always my favourite time to go to Mauerpark with Billy. Fewer people, (no buskers!) and Billy could have a good old bomb around, and I wouldn’t have to worry so much about him being friendly to a human who didn’t want to be friendly with a dog. My friend James once told me the good thing about the grim weather in Brighton in the winter is that it makes you feel like you’ve earned living at the seaside when the summer comes around. I feel similarly about Mauerpark. The nice morning walks with Billy in the summer would always feel like a reward.

Ever since the opportunity came up to be stationed in this apartment, I’ve been excited to be back here, back next to my park, (and everyone else’s “my park”). I did a bunch of painting in the summer of jungle, based on sketches and photos I took in Belize. It’s something I will return to, but it also feels useful and good (and something I want to do) to spend some time repeatedly drawing and painting the same landscape. And Mauerpark is gonna be that place for me.

Here are the first three paintings. All are gouache and coloured pencil on paper, and 24 cm on the longest sides. There will be more of these.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Lush Life by Zara Larsson.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
List of metro systems

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December 7th, 2016 at 2:22 am

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3,161: Being back

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This time last week I was waking up, my first morning in Berlin. And the week has absolutely flown by. I’ve seen a few friends, had some fun nights out. Done some drawing, some painting (see below), some walking around the neighbourhood, been to the park most days, enjoyed the cold weather, enjoyed life. Last year, though, I was back here for a total of three weeks in two stints. And those weeks felt packed, absolutely rammed with stuff. I was sweaty in my coat from constantly walking around, making sure I took in the whole city, back here for the first time in over five years.

This time, though, I’ll be here for a bit longer. The need to rush, to spend time on the U-bahn every day going to parts of the city I wanna see, hang around in, that need isn’t there. But my brain also tells me that I should do it. And therein lies the problem. My brain is also telling me to be cool, to spend some time in the park, to do some drawing, some more painting. Oh, and think again about those bigger projects that I never got around to this year that still feel like good ideas.

This feels like a fundamental issue within my brain: needing to calm the fuck down, and concentrate on one thing. I think it’s visible in the art I do. It’s all over the place. Some pixelly stuff, some iPad drawings that all kinda have a different style using different apps, some notebook drawings, some paintings. My work could be that of three or four different people, and I feel the need to trim that down.

It felt like a good idea to be more flexible, to draw in whatever style was best for the idea, but I’m starting to think that was balls. I guess that’s what I am enjoying (especially in Belize in the summer) about pencil drawing: my style can’t hide or fart around there. It just is what it is. Brain on paper via hand holding a pencil.

So today’s post is more of a reminder to myself: just do your thing, fuck face, do the Craigest thing, that’s the only thing that’ll make you happy.

A wee bit of artwork
Falkplatz. Gouache and coloured pencil on paper. 18 x 24 cm.

Other business
On Kastanienallee, I walked by three teens who were chatting, laughing, and listening to Young, Wild and Free on a phone. And it really felt good to see and hear that. Like, yep, the kids are gonna be alright, they got life sorted. And I’m starting to wonder about my generation’s anti-millennial schtick: we’re just jealous aren’t we?

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld. Sometimes, there’s a song stuck in your head and you realise you are powerless to resist. Aside from being utterly wonderful, there’s no point in resisting this song. You won’t win once it gets stuck in there.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Moscow Metro

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December 6th, 2016 at 2:50 am

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3,160: Ten unconnected thoughts

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1. I nearly fell asleep in the bath tub. Such things aren’t common in Mexico, so the last time I had a bath rather than a shower was when I was in London last December. Figured I’d have one on my first night in the apartment, didn’t even think about that I feeling a bit tired. I’m obviously out of practice. Found myself nodding off.

2. I’ve got to a point with some words where I forget which is the British English and which is US English with a word like practice/practise. I made a conscious effort when doing the baseball site to use American English, thus the problem.

3. If you listen to Yeah by LCD Soundsystem, and close your eyes, you can totally imagine that David Brent dance.

4. The smell of other people’s food preparation in an apartment building always smells better than anything I cook.

5. I found this written on my phone: “Nicki Minaj as Yves Klein prints.” I guess this is what I must’ve been thinking.

6. Channel 4 News on YouTube. They should totally disable their comments. It’s a cesspool of awful people.

7. If you spoonerise the name Des Lynam and add an ‘o’, you get Les Dynamo. (I just read on the Wikipedia link, hyperlinked in the previous sentence, and read that he voted for Ukip. Urgh. Fucking Ukip voters. They’re bloody everywhere. Scum, the lot of ’em.)

8. During football matches, I always really enjoy the moment when a substituted player slaps the hand of the coach/manager.

9. In the drizzle of Berlin yesterday, I saw a wet, red, English cocker spaniel. Up close it didn’t, but from a few metres away, it really looked like Billy.

10. Hmmm, I only have nine.

A wee bit of artwork

Continuous line drawing. Artists pretend this shit is impressive but I'm drunk as fuck and did it. It's fucking easy. Never trust an artist. They're arseholes.

A photo posted by Craig Robinson (@flipflopflying) on

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
I very specifically listened to a few songs late last night that I thought might have the ability to dislodge the recent LCD Soundsystem dominance of my stuck-in-head songs. Didn’t work. Tribulations. But before I’d even had chance to pour a coffee, I had also had Verrückt by Mia. and Uptown Funk go through my head. The former of those is a German band. The song came out in 2002, and it totally reminds me of still being relatively new in Berlin (I first moved here in October 2000).

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Stalinist architecture

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Written by Craig

December 2nd, 2016 at 3:12 am

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3,159: Russia’s greatest love machine

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Back in October 2006, a whole ten-years-and-a-few-weeks ago, I took a photo of a bit of spilled paint that, to me, looked kinda like Rasputin. I walked down that same street again yesterday. The spilled paint is not only still there, but has hardly worn away at all. Look! (2006 on the left, yesterday on the right)

A wee bit of artwork

Other business
I bought a “mouse mat” yesterday. It’s a pretty modern thing. Bleeding edge tech stuff. What it is, right, is a rectangle of kinda foamy plastic with rounded corners, about 22 x 18 centimetres. It’s dark red. Almost burgundy. (It was also available in black, yeller, and a nice calming blue.) And you use it because it helps the laser light thingy inside your mouse register a surface more smooothly. And it cost just €3.49. I don’t often give tech tips, but this “mouse mat” is a steal. Get on it, brothers and sisters. It’ll change your life.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
I had a fitful sleep last night. There was me thinking I’d been cool and tough, sorted out my jetleg on that first day. Nope. Fell asleep watching YouTube around 9pm, woke up at 2.30am, awake til 5, asleep until 11am. Even within that time, I was tossing and, indeed, turning. And all of that time, there was a megamix of LCD Soundsystem songs in my head. The one in my head, though, when I actually got out of bed was Drunk Girls.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Wedding-cake style

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December 1st, 2016 at 4:39 am

3,158: Here

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Time is sent a bit haywire in your own head when you cross a bunch of time zones. Maybe that’s not the case if you are returning from holiday, and you have a weekly work structure, but for me, a freelance gentleman, weekends and stuff only really exist because of how other people, friends etc., react to the end of the working day on Friday, or the start of the working week on a Monday. As a freelancer, I work when I have to, and don’t when I don’t. I definitely make an effort to try and keep a normal schedule in a way that I didn’t used to. I try and be sat in front of my computer drawing at 9am, Monday to Friday, even if I don’t have a work project to be getting on with. But that flight has sent my brain spinning a bit. I’ve done the west-to-east Atlantic crossing enough now to know how best to deal with it. For me, an evening flight will always mean getting virtually no sleep. I might nod off for a few minutes here and there, but there’ll be no actual proper sleep. So, arriving the next day I just power through to a decent, normal-ish time to go to bed, and try and get into a Euro day-night, sleep-awake cycle as quickly as possible.

So, I leave on Sunday, Monday is a write-off, and Tuesday arrives, and it’s kinda the first proper day, and yep, life in Berlin is here. I stayed with a mate the night I arrived, then came to the apartment I’m gonna be staying in yesterday. Keys, dumped my stuff, took everything out and made it less living-out-of-a-bag as quickly as possible (especially important considering I tend to do the majority of my packing well in advance, so most of the stuff in my backpack had already been there for more than a week before leaving).

Had a walk around the neighbourhood. It’s the neighbourhood I lived in the longest when I was here, so it’s very familiar. It’s really close to the park where I used to walk Billy every day. It was a day of letting it all soak in. The coldness (fun fact: it’s a lot colder here than in Mexico City), hearing people talking German (and English when you are in an area near cafes and bars), reacquainting myself with local things, the little things. Men sat waiting for the tram with a beer. Coins being passed between customer and shop assistant via a little plastic tray rather than hand to hand. Bread as heavy as Black Sabbath.

And all of this was topped off with a night’s boozing with a friend in Schwarz Sauer, one of my favourite bars in the city.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
One for Sorrow by Steps. I absolutely love this song. Among my peers, I can’t think of anyone else who does. I have come to realise, though, that a song can be as formulaic or as sonically bland as can be, but if there’s a pretty melody in there, I will love it. My granny liked Steps, too, and that’s good enough for me. I made a GIF of the dance sequence in this song about 16 years ago:

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article

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November 30th, 2016 at 4:42 am

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3,157: Flying in the air in a flying machine

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The pre-travel is the bit I hate the most. An early flight is cool. You get no sleep cos you worry about not waking up, but you do and you shower, have a poo, and then you’re in a taxi and all is good. But the overnight flight, leaving late in the evening: you’ve got all day to fret. You’re already packed. I can’t concentrate on starting a drawing or continuing something. I just sit around, flicking between channels. Watching any football on. A bit of Serie A, a bit of Eredivisie, a rebroadcast of a Mexican playoff game, a bit of the Grand Prix. And the clock ticks by so slowly. And I have a knot in my belly, a general angst that doesn’t go away until I’m through security at the airport.

I was ready the day before, though. The strike by Lufthansa pilots meant my Saturday flight was cancelled. After half an hour on hold, I finally got through, and while they offered to find me a flight to go on Saturday, I figured there would be other people with more pressing reasons to fly, so I happily accepted just getting bumped back 24 hours.

The plane was a newish one. It’s only really when you are in a newer plane that you realise how old and rubbish-y the normal ones are. I loved the way the lights in the plane were different colours and went on and off slowly in the cabin and the bathroom.

When meals were served, the woman asked if I wanted beef or chicken. I told her I had ordered a vegetarian meal when I booked the flight. It would seem that request got lost with the rebooking of my flight. She told me she would see what she would do. About five minutes later, she came back with a spare business class vegetarian meal. Which was, indeed, the business.

No sleep, of course. Maybe five or ten minutes here and there. The new Ghostbusters was good. Enjoyed that. Watched In Bruges again too. Usually I go for a window seat, but this time I had an aisle seat. I think I’m a convert. It was way better.

At Frankfurt, I had less than an hour between landing and boarding the next plane. A good length layover, but also a bit too tight for my nervous brain. It’s a big old airport. Lots of walking. Not enough security people for the amount of passengers. And my bag was checked. A random check, apparently. If random means “let’s check the bearded dude travelling alone.”

They still have a smoking lounge at Frankfurt airport, so I had a quick vape in there, before getting on the plane. One of the stewards asked those of us sat near the front if we would switch seats, go nearer the back. Not sure of the reasons, but I was fine with that. A couple of others gave up their seats too. Towards the end of the flight, the steward came to see us all and gave us a bottle of wine each for helping them out.

Nearly every flight I’ve taken over the ocean in the past has been with British Airways. No reason other than it’s handy and familiar. The last flight I had with them, one of the staff had a wee anti-EU rant to the people sat next to me. I made a complaint next day, and to be honest, didn’t really feel like they took it seriously. So I made a mental note to try not to use BA whenever possible. And after this experience with Lufthansa, I doubt I’ll ever be using BA again when other options exist. And I’ll deffo be using Lufthansa again. They were great.

And then we arrived. Berlin Tegel airport. Hallo Berlin. Hallo Deutschland. Hallo EU. It’s good to be home.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Inaugural Trams by Super Furry Animals

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
East Berlin

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November 29th, 2016 at 11:06 am

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3,156: A little bit of Mexico City

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I feel like I should do this every now and then: some Mexico City stuff. So here’s a metro station, and three street signs. I would love to live on two of those streets.

I like how the older street signs have the English spelling of the sport, rather than the Spanish.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
LCD Soundsystem yet again. New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
West Berlin

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Minecraft Project Day 65
Right then. Let’s get in the Nether portal.

Here we go….

And here we are. The Nether!

Oh, ffs. Shot by a ghast.


Y’know what? I think it’s time to stop with these Minecraft updates. It’s silly. Dying in the Nether feels like a good place to stop. Mostly, I think, because I get to the stage in a new Minecraft project where I’m a little bored of the house/garden that I’m working on, and just wanna start a new one. The next stage of this current project is basically gonna be spending a couple of (Minecraft) weeks mining. Getting more and more supplies. Which is boring for you. Very. I’m also mildly embarrassed about each blog post having this rubbish at the bottom. I should be promoting the blog posts on Twitter and such, but I don’t because of that embarrassment. That’s unlikely to change, so the best thing is to ditch the Minecraft. I’m enjoying blogging again, so I don’t want anything to retard that feeling. If you liked the Minecraft stuff, by any chance: sorry. The blog will be better because of it, I’m pretty sure of that. I am, though, enjoying the structure of having a main bit, a drawing, the song, a Wikipedia thing. I will keep doing that, and maybe that will evolve over time, too.

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November 25th, 2016 at 4:15 pm

3,155: Cruz Azul

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I was gonna write about Cruz Azul today. Last night was the beginning of the Liga MX 2016 apertura liguilla, that is to say: the playoffs. (We have a split season here, each half of the season has eight-team playoffs at the end. Clearly this is absurd.) Just before I started typing, I figured I should check the blog, and yes! I have done it before. But that was two years ago. Things have changed a bit since then. Cruz Azul were quite a good team back then. They didn’t make the playoffs, but they played well. Just seemed to be missing a good solid goalscorer. It was quite tight that season, they could’ve made the playoffs but finished 13th. Since then, since I’ve been going, they finished 9th, 14th, 9th, and in the season that finished last Saturday, 14th. The fifth championship of five since I’ve been going that they failed to make the playoffs.

Relegation here is a strange thing. Because of the split season, they do this thing were three full seasons’s points are averaged out, and the lowest one gets relegated. This sucks, though, if you are a newly-promoted team. You only have one season’s worth of numbers. All dreadfully unfair, and in place, one assumes, to kinda make sure none of the big names accidentally gets relegated. The season before I started going, Cruz Azul were top of the relegation table (ie. furthest away from going down), with an average of 1.7059 points per game. Now, they are 13th, with an average of 1.2588. (The team currently heading to the second division are Morelia, with 1.1059 points per game.) In that same time period, Cruz Azul have gone from an average attendance of 18,090 down to 16,928. In the 2016 Apertura, they had the worst average attendance in the league. For Saturday’s game, it was just 10,573, which is pretty crappy, and looks bad in a 34,000 capacity stadium. Look (image is bigger if you right click):

I moved a bit further away from the stadium this season. I was on the same street, just one block away, but now it’s about 30 minutes walking and public transporting. Still really close, but it has meant that I’m less inclined to just think, at the last minute, “fuck it, I’ll go.” That sentiment was easy when I lived on the same street. The street would get busy with fans, the floodlights would go on, and inevitably, I’d be tempted because it was happening right there. (Plus, watching games on TV when you live so close is annoying: there’s about a 10-second delay, so I would know Cruz Azul had scored long before seeing it on the telly. Especially annoying when a penalty kick has been awarded: I’d be stood in front of the telly with my fingers in my ears, singing to myself so I couldn’t hear any cheering, or indeed, a lack of cheering.)

Aside from the lowering footballing standards over the past couple of seasons, the owners seem to be doing everything they can to piss off supporters. Notably, the porra, the hardcore supporters behind the goal. Tickets used to be 65 pesos, and they were raised to 100 pesos. That’s a significant increase. And I read somewhere that the porra used to get group discounts which aren’t as big as they used to be. The upshot of that was, the end of the ground where the noise and flags were is now fairly free of that. I sit there now, because it’s the cheapest part of the ground. But I shouldn’t be sitting there. I’m a middle-aged European chap. I shouldn’t be in the part of the ground where the shirtless kids with drums should be.

And after the 2017-18 season, the landowner has decided to sell the land to build yet another fucking mall. No news yet where Azul will be playing, but the rumours are that until they get a new stadium, they will play in the enormous Estadio Azteca. An 85,000 capacity stadium for a team that draws between 10,000 and 20,000. That’s gonna be rubbish. It will also be the end of centrally-located sports stadiums in this city. The Azteca is a fair old slog in the south. Estadio Olimpico, too. The baseball stadium went from being in the middle of the city (now a mall, obvs) to near the airport. And Cruz Azul’s future stadium… the chances of that being anywhere as central as it currently is are pretty much nil, I’d imagine.

But, I’ll probably still go. Even if they continue to be shit. I enjoy being there. I enjoy watching live football. I enjoy watching Cruz Azul, even if they have only won one of the last ten league games I’ve been to. So yes, I was gonna write about Cruz Azul today, and, er, I did.

A wee bit of artwork
Another one of the cactus drawings, and one of Kraftpunk.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Walk You Home by Super Furry Animals

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Konrad Adenauer

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Minecraft Project Day 64
Here we go, the obsidian blocks in place. And once I use a flint and steel to spark it up, we will have a portal that takes us to the Nether, an underworld kinda thing with some decent useful stuff to be mined.

The portal is kinda pretty, innit?

I decided that the nice idea of not having a fence along the river edge is silly. Fuck it, I want to feel secure, especially now there’s a portal close to the river.

Yeh man, a Nether portal looks good at night. Tomorrow, let’s get down there.

Written by Craig

November 24th, 2016 at 9:12 am

3,154: Some drawings

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Playing around with some more of the late 80s/early 90s Adidas design work. I did the West Germany away kit from 1990 the other day, so here’s three of the others: East Germany ’86, USSR, ’88, and the most iconic one, the Netherlands ’88

Clearly, one of the best jerseys ever is the 1990 West Germany one. Here’s a version I drew (copied), which, out of context of the jersey, looks fantastic I think

A bit more playing around with that.

And the German 1992 away, again taken out of the context of a piece of clothing. I’m gonna play around some more with this stuff, I think. Maybe just Adidas stuff for the time being

Here’s a drawing of a Berlin U-bahn ticket

And a doodle of a dog that’d been working out

I did some scribbling of lines, then – bored – cut them up and stacked them on top of each other, and they kinda looked skull-shaped, so I cut some eyes out

This next one was another of those mindless doodles, done in front of the telly. Kinda ended up okay

So I did another one, with a more limited palette. I’m working on another, so I’ll show you that tomorrowwwww.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Another LCD Soundsystem one after seeing them at the weekend. this was their second-to-last song of the show, Dance Yrself Clean.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Hague Congress (1948)

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Minecraft Project Day 63
Down back to the obsidian where I found the diamonds.

Dig dig dig…

And back up, going home, with a load of obsidian, so that I can make a portal to the Nether!

Written by Craig

November 23rd, 2016 at 1:00 pm

3,153: Weekend

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It was a fun weekend. A Diablos Rojos baseball game on Friday night (won 12-1), a Cruz Azul football game on Saturday (lost 3-2), and on Sunday, the second day of the two-day Corona Capital festival. The whole thing had a pretty great line-up:

Just the Sunday for me, though. And the way my feet and neck feel today, I’m kinda glad I didn’t do both days. It took place in a part of the motor racing track. If you saw the Mexican grand prix on telly a few weeks back, that’s where it was. The entrance was pretty long. You walked along a big stretch of the race track, past a load of stalls selling bootleg merch (¡viva México!), then it started to look a bit more official, with good-looking young people in Corona t-shirts spaced out along the edge of the track like living statues. Not sure what their purpose was. A row of cops, then another, then some more. Then the first entrance. Show someone your ticket, get searched. Get searched again. Walk around a curve in the track. Another gate. Show another person your ticket. Get searched again. Then get searched a fourth time. Every time, the cops doing the searching wanted to take apart my electronic cigarette, check it was what it looked like. The last of the searches, the cop sniffed the liquid in my device, then sniffed the extra liquid I had in a wee plastic bottle. I was there pretty early, before the main crowds arrived, and it still took about half an hour to actually get in.

But, really, once that was over, that was kinda the last of the worries. Once inside, it was really good. Mexican friends thought it was weird that I said this because in general, things aren’t well-organised in the country, but in the two experiences I have had with this festival, it’s been brilliantly organised both times. Loads of toilets, three big food areas, and hundreds of people walking around selling beer and whisky. The single greatest thing about concerts here is the crowds. People are up for it. Even for the first band in the smallest of the stages, the crowd went mental. If there was any downside at all to the festival, it was that the vegetarian options at the food stands were pretty few and far between. I only saw a couple of things that were doable beside crisps/chips or chips//fries.

There were two bands that I was actually there for, Super Furry Animals and Kraftwerk. The rest of my time was pretty much open. Before it was super furry time, saw a bit of the Delorentos (seemed alright, looked like they were having fun), Sofi Tukker (enjoyed them, the aforementioned mental crowd helped that along greatly), and Wild Nothing (meh, not my cup of tea). I’ve not seen Super Furry Animals since New Year’s Eve 2007 when they did a thing at the Royal Festival Hall in London. It was their first time in Mexico. And, yep, great to see them again. There aren’t many bands out there whose setlist, whatever they chose to play, would be fine with me. And it was entirely great and fun, and as good as I’d hoped.

Saw a bit of Eagles of Death Metal, but fuck them. Grimes was good, what I saw of her, cos I kinda wanted to see Galantis, and there was an overlap. There was this moment during their set when I saw someone trying to get their friend out of the crowd.
Her friend collapsed right next to me, so I helped her pick her up, I asked if she wanted help with her pal. She was crying, said yes, and I can’t imagine how she’d managed to get someone as far out of the crowd as she had on her own. It’s not an easy thing to get someone who can hardly walk out of a packed tent full of people dancing. We eventually got outside, and asked a beer seller where was the closest medical tent. He didn’t know. Thankfully, though, one was quite close, and we got her there pretty swiftly. At the entrance, the person there said “one person only!” as medics took the sick woman inside. The other woman gave me a massive hug, kept saying “gracias gracias gracias!” I’m in no way saying, aren’t-I-great-for-helping, cos absolutely everyone would do exactly the same thing, but it was the moment I will remember most of the whole festival. That hug from a stranger who was really worried about her friend. I have no idea what happened after that.

I watched some more Galantis, then went over to another stage for Kraftwerk. And… it was kinda underwhelming. Maybe it was that I’d seen a silly dance act right before them, but it felt really out of place at a festival. It didn’t help that the sound, for the first half of the show was awful. They even stopped playing after a couple of songs. The 3D visuals weren’t working, the sound was shitty, and various non-Ralf members kept nipping off stage or walking over to talk to him. He said they had to reprogram the computers. It was odd to see the Kraftwerkness of Kraftwerk slip away for a few minutes, as they tried to start up again. A few seconds of sound, then nothing. And it took a while to get going, for the sound to get right. Some friends and I decided to nip across the way to the other stage where LCD Soundsystem were gonna close the festival. We had a beer, and Kraftwerk sounded better from a distance.

I like LCD, got their records and that, but I’ve never really had a burning urge to go and see them. (Having said that, I don’t ever recall that they played Berlin while I was living there, so I dunno.) After the mild disappointment of Kraftwerk, though, they sounded fantastic. Had a ton of fun. Enjoyed how they set up the band on stage, that looked cool. The overhead camera shots of the stage were great, too. The white lights and smoke behind them. All really good. And you really couldn’t ask for a better band to finish a festival. They finished with All My Friends, and thousands of people trudged off to find taxis and Ubers. Tired feet. A bit hungry. We had tacos. I had a mushroom gringa. And it was good.

A wee bit of artwork

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Somewhat unsurprisingly, it was an LCD Soundsystem song, New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
European Union

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Minecraft Project Day 61
Back down to digging. I went the wrong way, though. Didn’t find the steps I’d been dealing with yesterday.

But there’s another dark tunnel, so let’s get that lit up.

And, woah momma! Look! Lava and woo hoo! some exposed diamond ore.

Throwing a bucket of water over lava turns the lava into obsidian. And to mine obsidian, one needs a diamond pickaxe.

So I mined the diamonds, and went straight back up to the cabin.

…and made myself a diamond pickaxe. Obsidian mining tomorrow. There’s a wee lake of lava somewhere behind the house where I can easily access some lava, thus get some obsidian.

Minecraft Project Day 62
Let’s go find that above ground lava lake.

And, urgh, couldn’t bloody find it.

Too far from home, so another night in a dugout hole.

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November 22nd, 2016 at 10:14 am

3,152: FT

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Watching some of the protests regarding the U.S.’s forthcoming president, I noticed a few signs that said “Fuck Trump.” It seems unhelpful to use words like that.
What is the purpose of a protest? To get attention.
What don’t TV channels like? Swear words.
Not only are you making sure your sign isn’t on TV, but there might be some perfectly good signs nearby that also won’t get on TV. So I translated those words into Peter Saville’s colour code:

A wee bit of artwork
Pattern “based on” (ie. totally copied) of the Adidas 1990 away kit for West Germany.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Pray You Catch Me by Beyoncé. Can’t find it on YouTube. Loads of cover versions by random people that don’t mention that they are cover versions. So yep, no video, but you know the song anyway, right?

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article

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Minecraft Project Day 60
Right, time for some proper mining. I want diamonds. So I went to the deepest part of the cave system, and then dug some steps down even deeper.

Found some lapis lazuli. Useful for enchanting, apparently. Not done much of that sort of thing, but we will get around to it eventually.

Gold. Gold!

My tools are looking like they’ll break soon, so back to the cabin to make some more.

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November 18th, 2016 at 10:02 am

3,151: A drawing of a street

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Other business
Vladimir Poutine.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Keep it Dark by Genesis.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Pieter Brueghel the Younger

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Minecraft Project Day 59
So, I’ve dicking around trying to get a load of iron so I can make an anvil. It needs 31 pieces of iron, which is a touch excessive in my opinion.

And the reason for an anvil? To make a bigger map. Makes absolutely no sense at all, right? You put the map you’ve already got and eight more sheets of paper on the anvil and the map is bigger.

And you have to explore the area itself for the map of that area to fill in. It was at this point that I realised, I’ll never use the fucking map.

I also made a rather horrible gate.

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November 17th, 2016 at 10:49 am

3,150: Confidence

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It’s a strange thing to do, to be an artist. Even using that word “artist” is hard for me. I avoided it for a long long time. But when I was in Belize earlier this year, at the border, filling in the form thingy, I wrote “artist” next to occupation without any hesitation. That was a good thing for my brain to think about afterwards: yes, Craig, you are an artist. One thing that I tend to avoid talking about, even to other people privately, is confidence, though.

I’m used to there being times when the creativity just isn’t there. The artist version of writer’s block. That one is relatively frequent, and the only way to deal with it is to power through, keep on drawing (something, anything), and eventually it’ll come back.

But confidence in what I do… sometimes that’s a tough one to deal with. Writer’s block is a mental break. Lack of confidence feels like your brain telling you that you suck, asshole.

There was this competition recently. I don’t usually pay attention to competitions, but when I read about it, the theme seemed like something I would enjoy doing: sounds of the city – an illustrated interpretation of sound. It was a British thing. I liked the theme. And when I thought about London and other cities I’ve lived in, the one thing that came to mind was the contrast. Not sounds themselves, but the contrast when you are walking home at night. The relative silence.

My first sketch was this:

I wanted to get the sky right. The colours of a night sky in a big city. It’s a drawing done from memory, not an actual representation of a place, but it’s a drawing of returning to my mate’s house in Barnet after being out in central London. When you come out of the Tube there, you’re a bit higher that the rest of London, so there’s a good long view over the city. (Google Street View doesn’t give you too good an idea of what I’m talking about, but it’s better than nowt, eh?) This was drawing in the Adobe Sketch app, so it was only ever an early sketch because it doesn’t export at anything close to high resolution.

After that one, I got to thinking more about non-manmade sounds. Cities are full of the aural reminders that it’s a city. It’s either humans or things humans are doing using things made by humans. I like it when it’s raining at night in a city. The rain takes over. It’s like nature is saying, “you’ve made this fantastic functioning thing with millions of people, but here’s some rain. Deal with that!” And people are quieter, the only noise is the noise of wheels on wet road. This was something I noticed first a couple of years ago in Mexico City. Walking home, listening to Sunn O))) on my iPod. The combined sound of that music and the car tyres on the wet road was fantastic. This was the drawing that came out of that idea, a drawing of High Holborn in the rain. I imagine the pubs have closed, it’s late, you’ve missed the last Tube, and you’re desperately looking for a taxi but there are no yellow lights on. (Street View)

I was pretty happy with that one. (I did it with the Procreate app, btw.) I’d drawn the scene twice, then partially erased one of the layers. I liked how that looked.

Then I read the rules properly. It had to be portrait not landscape. Fuck.

So rather than add to this one or redraw it, I decided to do one with the specific proportions in mind, and to introduce the idea of the quiet caused by weather in a busier place, Oxford Street. (Street View)

I did one drawing in Procreate, then imported that into Photoshop, and cut it up into sixteen overlapping parts, then opened each of those parts in Procreate again, and redrew everything. Once that was done, I re-exported them to Photoshop, and put them together, and erased and overlapped various parts. This was what I ended up with:

There were two days before the competition deadline. I sat down to write the wee statement thingy. And thought, Nah, I’ll do that later.

That was the mistake. I’d given myself a crack for doubt to creep into. I looked at the drawing many times over the next two days. My internal valuation of my work was in a weak phase at that point (this was two months ago, btw), and, well, my stupid brain won. It’s not good enough, Craig. What if you’re not one of the one hundred they choose for the competition exhibition? Not winning is fine, but how the hell will you deal with not being in the top 100!? And at that point, it was better to not enter than to fail. That was a mistake. I should’ve entered. A stupid mistake. My stupid fucking brain.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
It was Drag Me Down by One Direction again. We’ve had that here recently. Fourth time this year. So here’s another 1D song, Night Changes, my favourite song of theirs. It’s a lovely song. I realise that it’s easy to dislike boy bands, and/or TV manufactured groups, but give it a go, eh? The melody is really nice, and the bit at 2:28 is just delightful.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Pieter Bruegel the Elder

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Minecraft Project Day 56 and 57 and 58 (just so I can end the week on a multiple of five)
All day pruning leaves so I’ve got a bunch of them for doing things in the garden.

Such as disguising the ugly storage room.

And today, time to get busy down in the cave system. All I did today was light up the tunnels, keep the bad guys at bay while I’m mining. (This is boring, isn’t it?)

Minin’, minin’, minin’…

And blocking up some of the crappier cave tunnels. The ones that don’t go very far or deep.

And I used some of the mined rocks to put a nice edge along the steps down to the as-yet-unused area.

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November 16th, 2016 at 10:56 am

3,149: Haiku

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This promoted tweet came up when I was “on” Twitter last night:

The Haiku box actually has a haiku:

Microwave oven
Roast chicken, one thousand watts
The cooking power

A wee bit of artwork
That fucking arsehole Farage.

Other business
So that big beautiful wall that the racist, misogynistic orange shitbag wants to build might be a partial fence, eh..?


Super darksideofthemoon

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The song in my head when I woke up this morning
It was Disco Down by Kylie, but we’ve had a lot of Kylie on the blog lately, so here’s the song that was in my head when I woke up on the first of Jannuary (double-n typo, but I’m leaving it in cos I think it should have two Ns, looks better imo): Thou Shalt Always Kill by Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article

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Minecraft Project Day 55
I kinda think right now I’m at a point where I’m just fiddling around, not really embarking on a big project. For example, these wee ponds near the wheat farm are annoying, so I’m putting dirt over the top (not entirely filling them in), just in case I fancy using them later.

There was a skeleton hiding in one them, so I had to deal with that motherfucker.

Back around at the sugar cane pond, it’s a bit annoying when I harvest the cane that a lot of it falls into the three block deep pond…

…so I filled it two levels of blocks so I don’t have to swim underwater to get the cane.

And then used the sugar cane to make paper, and used the paper to make a map. Ta-da!

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November 15th, 2016 at 9:34 am

3,148: Minecraft dump 2 of 2

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Getting this self-made backlog (referenced earlier here) out of the way. Part two:

Minecraft Project Day 38
It’s nice to wake up and be able to see the lake and river.

I spent most of the day fiddling around with the area right outside the new front door.

And I figured it was time to sort out the main room. Three furnaces, a crafting table, and some chests for food, coal, and tools.

Minecraft Project Day 39
Now, down in front of the cabin there,s a load of holes that go into the same cave system. It’s a bit of a mess, so I figured I should spend some time closing up most of the holes so I can just have one nice, neat entrance.

You can see the brown dirt bits down there: that’s the holes that I filled in.

Minecraft Project Day 40
First things first, dig up some sand from the lake bed.

And here’s why. There’s a little pond down below the cabin, and I wanted to put sand around the edge because sugar cane grows on sand next to water. So now, I can have a little sugar cane farn down there.

Minecraft Project Day 41
The day’s plan: to sort out the cave entrance. Make it pretty, but hey-ho, there’s an Enderman hanging around. Let’s get rid of him.

Oh. That didn’t go so well.

The Enderman was still around when I respawned back at the cabin. And still annoyed with me it would seem:

After killing me twice, he seemed to take a break, so I could go and get my stuff.

Over at the cave entrance, I had to deal with a couple of zombies…

But after that, got to work, making the entrance look, well, like a wooden subway entrance.

Looks good, huh?

Minecraft Project Day 42
Back down to the cave entrance to fiddle around a bit more, and, oh jeez, the Enderman is still around. I’m just gonna ignore him and hope he goes away.

If this cave system turns out to be where I spend most of my mining time, I might replace those dirt walls with stone, but for now, the entrance is done.

Back at the house, I put a chimney on top of the cabin. Entirely fake, of course, but it goes with the entirely fake and unnecessary extraction hood above the furnaces.

Minecraft Project Day 43
Another cave entrance needed covering…

But I finally got around to lighting up the cave tunnels. There’s a lot of them.

So many, in fact, that I came above ground way over there on the left.

Minecraft Project Day 44
I wanted to have a simple day, around the garden. So I made a hot tub.

A nice view of the moon when you’re in the tub.

Minecraft Project Day 45
I want more flowers. I want the garden to look nicer. So I went for a wander.

Some roses.

I love the absurdly-sized red mushrooms in Minecraft.

And the pumpkins.

And it’s nice to see I’m relatively near a swamp. I’ll have a good look around that soon.

Back at the house, I’m having problems with intruders. I have no idea where they’re getting in. Can’t really see any gaps in the fence, so I think tomorrow I’m gonna need to stay up all night and see if more zombies come along, and where they’re coming from.

Minecraft Project Day 46
I could hear the moans of a zombie near the cabin. Had a good look around, couldn’t see one. And then I had a realisation: about three weeks ago, when a Creeper exploded near the cabin, I didn’t entirely fill in the hole, I filled over the hole. So I dug down there, and lo and behold…

At sundown, I got up on the roof to keep watch all night.

Minecraft Project Day 47
One of those days just doing bits and bobs. Doing a bit of work on the path outside the cabin…

Work on the steps down to the wheat farm…

And then clearing a few trees down the back here. I think I’m gonna put a storage shed there. It’s a bit far away from the cabin, but really, I don’t like having the cabin just being a place to store a load of storage chests. I wanna make a nice living room.

Minecraft Project Day 48
So here we go: let’s build a storage room.

Each of those chests is gonna be for separate things. One for wood, one for stone, one for coal and iron, and on and on.

Pretty boring from the outside, though. Maybe needs some more trees and vines to camouflage it a bit.

Minecraft Project Day 49
Spent most of today moving the stuff down to the storage room.

And then put in a more direct path to the shed from the cabin, around the back of the hot tub.

Minecraft Project Day 50
I figured that today would be a good to go explore the swamp. Sometimes there are witch huts near swamps, full of good stuff to steal.

Couldn’t find one, though.

Too far from home when the sun was coming down, so a night in a cave.

Minecraft Project Day 51
Rather than going home, I kept on walking today.

A big old forest.

Oooh, found the sea. Hurrah! Kinda strange how that you don’t feel a sense of place until you find the sea, the edge.

No caves around, so rather than dig a shelter, I found a nearby tree with vines, which I could climb up, and sleep, relatively safely in the tree tops. Like Ray Mears or something.

Minecraft Project Day 52
More exploring, more swamp (still not witch hut), and more sleeping in the tree tops

Minecraft Project Day 53
I kinda got a bit lost. Got too far away from the sea to really know where to find it again, so now that I’ve got a compass, today was spent heading back to the cabin.

Sun going down.

So I built a dirt tower in the middle of this lake to sleep on top of.

Minecraft Project Day 54
Aaaah, there’s the cabin. It’s genuinely nice to get back after a few days away. Almost. Like. It’s. Real.

I planted some of the flowers I picked up on my travels.

And goddammit, how do these zombies keep getting into my garden!?

And that’s it with the catching-up dump of Minecraft days. I got way way ahead of myself. Like, if I’d stuck with the day per blog post, this day here (day 54) would have gone up on the blog in seven weeks. I’ve still got a few days saved, but that’s mostly just to cover for days when I don’t have time or the inclination to play. But, I suspect that of the handful of readers, there’s virtually no-one who is bothered. In a way, though, the blog is for me. It’s a good thing for me to do, to have something to do every day. I work at home, so most of the time I don’t even put trousers on. This is my version of starting the day in a proper way.

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November 14th, 2016 at 1:47 pm

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3,147: Minecraft dump 1 of 2

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Right, let’s just get this self-made backlog (referenced earlier here) out of the way. Part one:

Minecraft Project Day 22
Still raining. Thunder and lightning, too.

And when lightning hits a horse, it turns into a skellington.

More work on the path

Minecraft Project Day 23
Next part of the garden was to clear some of the area behind the cabin

I built a dirt tower so that I could have a look at the garden from above. I don’t really wanna get rid of any trees, and I like the idea of it being a bit wild and pretty. Lots of flowers, nooks and crannies.

While up the dirt tower, I realised I’ve never been anywhere over there to the north. Might do that tomorrow.

Minecraft Project Day 24
A day for exploring the neighbourhood to the north.

Ooh, that looks like a fun cave system. Will come back here.

It’s getting late.

Temporary shelter for the night.

Minecraft Project Day 25
A bit more exploring to the north before going back home

There’s a big forest

Dug up some clay from the river bed.

Got a bit lost on the way home, but thankfully found my cabin before sundown.

Back home, I turned the clay into bricks, and after that, turned some of them bricks into flower pots to put around the garden here and there.

Minecraft Project Day 26
Gonna have a door there. Eventually, the cabin will be bigger, so it makes sense to kinda plan a bit in advance.

And putting more of the paths in.

One goes right down to the river edge.

Where I wanna have something, but I’m not sure what yet.

A pit of paving work.

Another tree chopped down ready for a cabin extension, sadly. But I’ll probably plant some more trees once the plot of land is a bit more developed.

Minecraft Project Day 27
Another day putting steps in, organising my plot of land.

This area down here will be used eventually for fancier business that farming or simply being a nice garden, but it needs some prep first.

A bit of night-time hedge work. I want a fence on the outside, but I don’t really wanna see it from the inside, so hedges.

Minecraft Project Day 28
This biome is really rainy.

I want some redstone today. That’s a thing that gives power. I don’t question the hows and whys. First, though: some normal stone, just for the hell of it.

Redstone is usually deeper, so I cut a spiral into the blocks to get down with the least amount of digging.

Boom. Mining those redstone blocks gives us redstone dust.

Redstone acquired, time to get home.

And here’s why I wanted it: to make a compass, which will make getting home from all future trips away from the cabin easier.

Minecraft Project Day 29
When I woke up, I could hear the moans of a zombie near the cabin. Had a look around, but no zombies around. But then… aaaah, he’d found his way to that dirt ledge under where I was gonna build the porch.

Got rid of him, and then spent the day the rest of the day checking that everything is secure. I can’t be arsed with having to deal with zombies and creepers any more.

I even had to trim that tree after I saw a horse could jump up onto it to access my land.

I guess I’ll replace this dirt barrier with stone eventually.

Minecraft Project Day 30
Now that I’ve got a compass, I feel freer. I’m off for a wander. Over there.

Bit of sight-seein’, eh? Oooh, look at that!

Ended up having a look in a cave. Found another dungeon full of zombies. Killed ’em, got all the goodies out of the chest. By the time that was done it was dark so I found a wee nook, blocked it up, had a sleep.

Minecraft Project Day 31
So, while I was doing some mining, this spider came up. I’m fine with spiders. Easy to kill, but there was a skeleton riding it, and they were both attacking me. Long story short: I go killed. And here’s the thing: you always spawn in the place where you last slept. But the bed I slept in, I’d taken it with me, so when that happens you spawn at your original spawn point, which for me was back here in the forest.

So I went back home, got a few basic tools and supplies ready, so that first thing in the morning, I can try and find where I was killed and get all of the stuff that I dropped when I died.

Minecraft Project Day 32
There’s all my business.

Did a bit of mining and by the time I came back above ground, the sun was getting low, so rather than risk a night time attack, I slept in the cave.

Minecraft Project Day 33
Heading back home, I came across these skeleton horses. But they’re not just normal skeleton horses (which in itself sounds ridiculous, right?) but they are apparently “skeleton trap horses.” The Minecraft wiki says that “when a player comes within 10 blocks, lightning will strike the horse” and the skeleton turn into skeleton horsemen, so there’s a bow and arrow wielding skeleton on top of the horse. Not only that, it makes three more of the buggers. In the screenshot, you can see a red horse lying down, that’s just been shot accidentally by one of the skeletons who was aiming at me. The horse was in the way though. Tough break, kid.

I put a bit of distance between myself and those bastards, and quickly built a dirt box so I could hide from the arrows.

And when they couldn’t see me, I ran off home, made a bow and some arrows, and tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading back there for a battle. Cliff. Hanger.

Minecraft Project Day 34
It was kinda fun to have three skeletons to deal with. Quickly building small dirt walls to hide behind and attacking one while trying to stay away from the others.

After the battle, I had a look down a hole. A big hole.

By the time I’d build some cobble and dirt steps down to the bottom, it was nighttime.

Down at the bottom, some lava and some water.

So I dug out some coal, made myself a room, and set up a cave base. I’ll do some more mining down here at some point, so might as well leave some supplies when I go back above ground in the morning.

Minecraft Project Day 35
I took a slow walk back, killed a couple of skeletons, and went to get some birch wood for my next wee project…

…an extension to my cabin! I had a change of plan. What was gonna be a front porch is now gonna be the back of the cabin. I’m gonna use half of that front area for a bedroom, and the other half for a small deck. And what I’d previously thought of as the back of the cabin, the bit that faces the garden, is gonna be the front. I’ve noticed that when go and back and forth, I use that new-ish back door way more, so it makes a lot more sense. And it gives me a chance to have a nice flower garden right there in front of the entrance.

Minecraft Project Day 36
I spend all the day working on the new bedroom.

Minecraft Project Day 37
Next to the new bedroom, I built a little deck, something that I’ve wanted from the start. Not as I envisaged it, but it’s looking good, I think.

I added some vines all around the place, give it a bit of age.

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November 14th, 2016 at 1:43 pm

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3,146: Pffff

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Got nothing to write about today. It’s an interesting thing (to me, anyway). Ever since I re-started the blogging, there’s been something in my head pretty much every day. Most of the time, it’s been the first thing I’ve done every morning. Sometimes I do it the night before.

But here we are. Nothing to talk about, really.

Um, I went to the cinema the other night. I saw Life, the Corbijn film about the photographer and James Dean. It was alright. It’s only just come out in Mexico, a good year after everywhere else. And it was only the sixth time I’ve been to the cinema this decade, which is kinda bonkers. I used to go all the time, like every week, when I was living in Berlin. Since then, I’ve only been to the cinema to see Inception, Moneyball, Midnight in Paris, The Harry Hill Movie, and a showing of Faust with live electronic accompaniment. Being in a cinema was quite nice. It was like, oh, I remember this cinema thing. Then there was the smell of food and the sound of people eating, and I remembered why I watch DVDs or Netflix.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
She Belongs to Me by Bob Dylan. Here’s a live version from the outtakes of Don’t Look Back.

A wee bit of artwork
I rarely take any notice of lyrics, but I always like the line from the above song, “She can take the dark out of the nighttime and paint the daytime black.” I did two drawings of that line in 2015:

Other business
“In Chichibu, Japan, two hours northwest of Tokyo, there’s an odd museum; perhaps the only one of its kind. It’s called the Chinsekikan (which means hall of curious rocks) and it houses over 1700 rocks that resemble human faces.”

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Byzantine law

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Minecraft Project Day 17
Right, being upfront: I’ve pre-prepared a load of these. I started off doing about two weeks of playing, screenshotting, and typing in the first weekend. I’m way in advance now, cos I enjoy playing Minecraft. I think I’m gonna have a few days putting up multiple “Minecraft days” to catch up. It feels weird to be playing the game and thinking, “that’ll be on the blog in about a month.” So here’s five days’ worth.

A simple one-task day: clear the grass, build a fence. Boom! A wee wheat farm. Soon enough I’ll have a constant supply of bread and I won’t need to kill so many animals. It’s my aim in this game to be vegetarian.

Minecraft Project Day 18
Goddam it, first thing I see in the morning was a spider outside the cabin, and while I was killing him, another bloody Creeper blew himself up next to me. I died. I guess it’s an okay place to die, though. Respawned in the cabin, and only had to nip outside to collect all my stuff.

But it did make security a more urgent concern. I dug out lots of single blocks along the edge of the water so that bad guys couldn’t get up onto my hill.

Put up a load of fencing, too.

And added more torches. Hopefully that’ll be the last time a Creeper gets near my cabin.

Minecraft Project Day 19
A bit more digging. I missed this bit yesterday

My wheat was ready for harvesting. Did that, and replanted seeds.

And chopped down the porch supports. I’m sick of looking at a crappy porch, so I made it so it’s even less appealing, which will force me to deal with it soon.

Minecraft Project Day 20
A day for supples. Iron and coal.

I can see you, zombie boy.

A bit of nighttime landscaping: adding dirt so I can eventually have a bigger deck out the front

And then having a wee check of the farm and suddenly, I’ve worked all through til dawn.

Minecraft Project Day 21
It felt like it might be time to lay out a skeleton of the garden. First thing: marking out a path to the gate and another to the wheat farm

And then spending a ton of time putting in some stone blocks, some stone slabs, some stone steps and some wood to make a nicer-looking path.

Written by Craig

November 14th, 2016 at 1:01 pm