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Updated 12 November 2021
A wee bit of housekeeping: some of the vector-y pyramid drawings that were in the Serie 14 II section have been moved off to their own section, Pyramids (2021). A few weeks of distance from drawing them reveals that they're not really part of the same series. Blah de blah. Just one new thing today called Octagon Nr.27, added to to the Other drawings section. It's only semi-related to the Octagonz series from 2019, of which there were 25 drawings. (Nr. 26 was abandoned, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, never to be seen again.) Have a nice weekend.

Updated 9 November 2021
Hiya, here's a selection of new-ish things: the fifth in an ongoing series of coma-themed drawings; Birches, which is some tree trunks in space; a drawing of Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton; Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe; a wee collection of some of the pixelly lettering I've done over recent years; a small collection of drawings-for-drawing's-sake which for no particular reason I've called Vamos; and finally, a second Haruko loves Coca-Cola drawing. Two drawings feels a bit soon to be called a series, but I do intend to do more, so let's just say it is. A slow series, though, just one every year. The idea is to do a series of drawings with more or less the same parts and composition, but drawn in whatever is the way I'd draw at the time. I'm not making myself clear, am I? Basically, the drawing from December 2020 is something I'd not draw now. Hardly hugely different, but still different. And the new November 2021 one is something I wouldn't have done last year. And the one from this time next year is likely gonna be something different. I suspect this series will only begin to make any sense in 2030 or something, so, y'know, if I'm still alive then, this might all be worth it. I'm gonna try to not think about this through the year, and just come back to it again in November/December next year. Anyway, I quite enjoyed doing the new drawing so that's enough innit.

Updated 5 November 2021
Main thing today is an update to Avenida Selena Gomez, another five blocks, blocks 16-20. This is probably the project I've enjoyed the most of late. It's nice to use it as a pause from thinking about other things and spend a few hours drawing a building, then leave it for a few days or a week or two, and add more a bit later. Three new drawings dumped in the Other drawings section: a skull, some micheladas, and a Berlin tram. And lastly, an update to the Serie 14 series: I've finally split the series in two. The more recent stuff is becoming too different from the earlier stuff, so I've created a split. The more recent stuff is now in a section called, ingeniously, Serie 14 II. Not really sure what's going on here, really. Part of me is happy to let it be a wee sketchy place to try things that might be of use later. Sometimes it feels like I need to erase it all from my brain, though, and just start again. I mean, that could be applied to a lot more than one series of shitty drawings, of course...

Updated 20 October 2021
I've done a few more drawings in the Serie 14 series. A few of the recent ones are done with vectors, not pixels, so y'know, that's something. As well as that, a series of six drawings called Feliz viaje.

Updated 19 September 2021
Hiya. Another entry in the Serie 14 series. This one is number 22, unless I splinter the most recent ones off, then it'll be rejigged to be number 8. I've still not decided what to do. Part of me things that the last eight are pretty different and should be listed separately, but the other part of me wants to acknowledge that they are connected in my head. This is a whole load of typing for something only I care about. Next up is a drawing called Birches and other trees which, to confuse things, could fit into the aforementioned splinter group, but for me, it's a solo thing. And finally there's a group of twelve drawings called Línea 9. More drawings next week, I suspect.

Updated 15 September 2021
Big old update here. Strap in. That's what people say, isn't it? Anyway, first there's one new Minipop. It's No. 1,541 in a series. And it's Abba. New Abba. As reformed bands go, this one is very exciting, isn't it? The two songs so far are great. There's three drawings called 32 lines of the Caribbean Sea. I wanted to see if I could do a drawing that was one pixel wide. I did this, but it really wasn't much fun to look at. So I copied and pasted those 1 x 32 pixel drawings until they were 32 pixels wide. I like to feed the birds on my small balcony. One crow comes every day, and a few pigeons too. And a fuckload of sparrows. I drew one of each of the The Balcony Lads. Two structures, one name: Dorothy Harris, mostly because I really had no idea what to call it. A drawing of the Seaside. Onto the additions to ongoing stuff: first a drawing of the New Jerusalem as described in chapter 21 of the Book of Revelation; a drawing of the Ferrari SF21 as described in the 2021 season of Formula One; and another addition to Serie 14 series, which, frankly, is straying so far from the early days (way back in 2020) of the series that I'm starting to think it should splinter. Finally the quick drawings that are done for the fun of drawing in the Other drawings section: Dinner Boyz and Torre de Águilas. Hope you like every single drawing. Now and forever :)

Updated 24 August 2021
Another thing in the Serie 14 series, this time it's a drawing of a desert, specifically the Sonoran Desert in northern Mexico. And also a bunch of sketches/doodles that I've plopped down in the Other drawings folder. Seven of them, to be less vague. An alpaca, a cactus, a butterfly, a bratwurst, a German band, an Italian lady, and something with lots of wee 7x7 squares. Blah blah blah.

Updated 3 August 2021
Good day. Three new Minipops: U2, the Beach Boys, and the Flying Picktes. A similar amount of Lollipops: motorcar drivers Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, and Sergio Perez. There's two new additions to the Serie 14 series. It's something that is still kinda forming itself in my head, but there's something about it that's both ugly and attractive, I think. And the fact that I don't really know what I feel about it might be a positive thing. Maybe. Hopefully.

Updated 13 July 2021
Today, a drawing that I've been working on--on and (very) off--since 2017. It's the Haupttribüne (main stand) of Mommsenstadion, the home of one of the world's finest football teams, Tennis Borussia Berlin.

Updated 29 June 2021
It's been a month of not really being able to focus on one thing or another--perhaps a consequence of the end of phase one of Avenida Selena Gomez--so I've done a bunch of smaller things. Another drawing in the People with faces series, called Beheaders or maybe a more fun title "Those who behead together, stay together." Not sure which, really, but titles... meh, unimportant really. A pixelly version of the Crocifisso di San Damiano, the cross originally hanging in a church in Assisi, Italy, which St Francis of Assisi was praying in front of when he received the commission to rebuild the church. It's a fairly well-known image, but I wanted to draw something that already exists. I'm quite into the idea of doing versions or interpretations of common themes. Maybe I'll do more of this kind of thing. Maybe. Some more motorcar-themed stuff in the Vroom Vroom section: a Mercedes-AMG school bus, a painterly digital thing of last season's Racing Point RP20, and a couple of the crude SketchUp 3D cars that I enjoy doing (the 1982 Renault RE30B, and the Pacific PR01 from 1994). A couple of sketches in the Other drawings section: Sun and two clouds and the volcanic pyramid, and Blue book. And lastly, three Minipops: Robert De Niro in "The Mission," Idris Elba as DCI Luther, and Ernesto Cardenal.

Updated 7 June 2021
I did a drawing of the Iron Dome, the somewhat fascinating and mind-blowing defence system that protects Israeli citizens from terrorist rocket attacks. And there's also three new Minipops: old timey British wrestler Giant Haystacks, jazz dude Miles Davis, and a word-playingly-rendered Girl Scout Heron.

Updated 2 June 2021
Here's a big new thing. I've been slowly working on it over the past 12 months, (you can see a small bit of it in the image at the top of this page): it's a drawing of a street, 15 blocks long so far. It's called Avenida Selena Gomez. The beginning of the idea can really go back to the Rapid transit trains I drew in 2019 where I realised that if I drew things at Minipops scale, I could easily re-use or edit elements if needed. And then during the first few months of lockdown, I was well into drawing these architecturally-unsound Structures. Towards the end of that project, I began thinking that maybe it would've been better if I'd've done the Minipops-scale thing in that project too. After that I began drawing a few buildings at that scale, and it soon became apparent that a) I was enjoying it very much, and b) it could be a long-lasting, multi-year project if I wanted it to be. So that's a long way of saying, here's Avenida Selena Gomez. I suspect I'll explain more at a later date, but that's not necessary right now. Hope you're having a lovely day.

Updated 28 May 2021
Another drawing in the People with faces series. It's called Peace Sign Emoji Dot Church. I've been watching a lot of online church services during Covidian times. I've mixed it up with some British, some American, some Mexican, Belizean, German churches. Some high church, some low, and some of those modern ones which have, and I forget where I heard this phrase, "names like nightclubs." The latter style has its plusses, for sure. The general vibe is quite appealing, but the music... oh man, it's so so terrible. It makes Coldplay sound like Black Sabbath. Anyway, that's a long way of saying here's a drawing called Peace Sign Emoji Dot Church.

Updated 25 May 2021
Hiya, here's a couple of new Minipops: old timey footballer Charlie Nicholas, and Eurovision contestant Eden Alene, who, somewhat notably, is now the fourth Minipop I've drawn that is younger than the Minipops series itself (which began in July 1999). Hurrah and sigh at the same time, right?

Updated 14 May 2021
I've been doing these drawings called People with faces that are a bit more detailed and stylised than Minipops-style pixel people. With a couple of exceptions, they aren't specific people. The new drawing is just people wearing black clothes. For my own enjoyment (see also: the rest of this site) I wanted to draw clothing all the same colour and with no shadows or highlights, so choosing black was the obvious choice. Hope you like. Have a good weekend.

Updated 10 May 2021
It's been quite some time since I did some sort of light-hearted picture story, the sort of thing I did a lot in the early days of the site. But here we are, with a new one, snappily titled Flamingo and the Cloud in the land beyond the universe, over the rainbow (feat. Cactus and Skydancer).

Updated 8 May 2021
Four new drawings. First, a drawing of the events of Genesis 19:23-26, where Lot, his wife, and his daughters escape from Sodom. They were told to not look back at the destruction. Lot's wife looked, and was turned into a pillar of salt. That'd put a kink in your day, huh?

Second: the fourth in a series called Coma drawings which all reference moments within the coma I lived inside of for a couple of weeks two years ago. Fun fact: my brain was still active, living an alternate reality, while I was inside the coma. Anyway, these drawings aren't telling any story, they are just snapshots of things presented like street altars one might see in Mexico.

Next, a new addition to the Serie 14 section. This ongoing project is kinda drawing for the sake of drawing, not really doing more than enjoying doing it, enjoying colour, patterns and stuff. It started off when I was wondering why motorsport helmet design exists entirely outside of the design world. It never leaks over. A friend mentioned that it was because it was design that is cool for 14 year old boys (thus the project name). Not sure I completely agree with that, but I see the point and it made me giggle. I love the motorsport aesthetic, and I'm very much not 14 years old. Anyway, I wanted to see how this approach might mix with my regular pixelly thing. The most recent two or three of those have begun to introduce less pixelly moments, drawn in Procreate.

Last year, I did a drawing called Northamptonshire landscape. It was an experiment more than anything: drawing a landscape where each row of pixels doubles in size (1x1 at the back, then 2x2, 4x4, 8x8, 16x16 all the way up to 256x256 at the front). I did another, called Northamptonshire marina. (Both of these are listed alphabetically within their year's "Other drawings" sections. I'm still wondering how to deal with linking directly to individual drawings within sections, so bear with me on that. Apologies for making you scroll a lot.)

Updated 3 May 2021
As you may have already noticed, there's been a redesign, the first since 2009. With the advent of social media, the site began to take a back seat unfortunately, purely because it's so much easier to just drop a drawing onto Instagram or Twitter. But, I'd like to edge away from social media a little, for my own mental well-being, and putting a bit more effort into being timely putting things on this site feels like a good first step. That will be easier for me to achieve if the site's design is simpler. (Being a massive hypocrite, my Twitter and Instagram links are above should that be preferable to you.)

This new front page is a lot less image-heavy. It's just a simple list of text links arranged reverse chronologically. After having a close brush with death in 2019, I've wondered what stage the site will be in when that close brush actually sweeps me away for good. If I had died back then, I'd've left a Web site in a bit of a mess. Honestly, right now, I'd quite like it to look as simple as possible. So here it is. As simple as possible.

I've removed some stuff. There were drawings that dragged the whole quality down. So there's been some editing: various smaller things have moved to a section called "other drawings" for each year, and other things have gone straight into the bin because nobody at all will miss them. What constitutes a drawing linked in the main list or a drawing within the "other drawings" sections is difficult to explain. Some things feel like they exist as separate entities, others are just drawings. Some of the "just drawings" are quite good, I think, so even I'm confused.

Things listed below that aren't hyperlinked are things that will return, once some file conversion has been done. Mostly it's Flash or Quicktime stuff that needs converting or rebuilding. There's also a bunch of stuff from the late 2010s that, for some reason, never made it onto the site. I'm gonna rectify that. This is gonna be a slow process that I'll be doing over the course of the rest of 2021. I was intending to get it all done before putting this redesign online, but the redesign process was taking too long, and blocking me from adding any new stuff in the meantime. So a whole load of the 2020 and 2021 stuff below are totally new additions to the page.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. I appreciate it. Hope you like some of my drawings. Should you wish to say hello, that'd be nice (craig AT flipflopflyin DOT com).

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