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dear flipflopflyin, i thought that it might be quite nice to send something to your 'something you'd like to show us' competition, so i decided to send you a song (i hope it's in the right shape)

woke up to an english morning
not too bright, yawns are adorning
my face, i've got time on my hands
i've got no real plans
i'm not bored but i would quite like something to do
i wish something was you

quite liked you but more so
stole a kiss, that was all though, i wanted you too
i never knew what to say
i'd say something anyway
i don't know what to do
i wish i had you

(baa ba ba ba baa baa baa, baa ba ba ba baa baa baa, etc.)

it's about a girl, but if someone else sang it then it could be about a boy.

cheers, phil