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Updated 8 May 2021
Four new drawings. First, a drawing of the events of Genesis 19:23-26, where Lot, his wife, and his daughters escape from Sodom. They were told to not look back at the destruction. Lot's wife looked, and was turned into a pillar of salt. That'd put a kink in your day, huh?

Second: the fourth in a series called Coma drawings which all reference moments within the coma I lived inside of for a couple of weeks two years ago. Fun fact: my brain was still active, living an alternate reality, while I was inside the coma. Anyway, these drawings aren't telling any story, they are just snapshots of things presented like street altars one might see in Mexico.

Next, a new addition to the Serie 14 section. This ongoing project is kinda drawing for the sake of drawing, not really doing more than enjoying doing it, enjoying colour, patterns and stuff. It started off when I was wondering why motorsport helmet design exists entirely outside of the design world. It never leaks over. A friend mentioned that it was because it was design that is cool for 14 year old boys (thus the project name). Not sure I completely agree with that, but I see the point and it made me giggle. I love the motorsport aesthetic, and I'm very much not 14 years old. Anyway, I wanted to see how this approach might mix with my regular pixelly thing. The most recent two or three of those have begun to introduce less pixelly moments, drawn in Procreate.

Last year, I did a drawing called Northamptonshire landscape. It was an experiment more than anything: drawing a landscape where each row of pixels doubles in size (1x1 at the back, then 2x2, 4x4, 8x8, 16x16 all the way up to 256x256 at the front). I did another, called Northamptonshire marina. (Both of these are listed alphabetically within their year's "Other drawings" sections. I'm still wondering how to deal with linking directly to indivisual drawings within sections, so bear with me on that. Apologies for making you scroll a lot.

Updated 3 May 2021
As you may have already noticed, there's been a redesign, the first since 2009. With the advent of social media, the site began to take a back seat unfortunately, purely because it's so much easier to just drop a drawing onto Instagram or Twitter. But, I'd like to edge away from social media a little, for my own mental well-being, and putting a bit more effort into being timely putting things on this site feels like a good first step. That will be easier for me to achieve if the site's design is simpler. (Being a massive hypocrite, my Twitter and Instagram links are above should that be preferable to you.)

This new front page is a lot less image-heavy. It's just a simple list of text links arranged reverse chronologically. After having a close brush with death in 2019, I've wondered what stage the site will be in when that close brush actually sweeps me away for good. If I had died back then, I'd've left a Web site in a bit of a mess. Honestly, right now, I'd quite like it to look as simple as possible. So here it is. As simple as possible.

I've removed some stuff. There were drawings that dragged the whole quality down. So there's been some editing: various smaller things have moved to a section called "other drawings" for each year, and other things have gone straight into the bin because nobody at all will miss them. What constitutes a drawing linked in the main list or a drawing within the "other drawings" sections is difficult to explain. Some things feel like they exist as separate entities, others are just drawings. Some of the "just drawings" are quite good, I think, so even I'm confused.

Things listed below that aren't hyperlinked are things that will return, once some file conversion has been done. Mostly it's Flash or Quicktime stuff that needs converting or rebuilding. There's also a bunch of stuff from the late 2010s that, for some reason, never made it onto the site. I'm gonna rectify that. This is gonna be a slow process that I'll be doing over the course of the rest of 2021. I was intending to get it all done before putting this redesign online, but the redesign process was taking too long, and blocking me from adding any new stuff in the meantime. So a whole load of the 2020 and 2021 stuff below are totally new additions to the page.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. I appreciate it. Hope you like some of my drawings. Should you wish to say hello, that'd be nice (craig AT flipflopflyin DOT com).

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Ongoing projects
Coma drawings
Jesus, etc.
People with faces
Serie 14
Vroom vroom

2021 Berlin
Los Beatles
Cerro del Chiquihuite and the Golden Hypnopompic Hallucination with a Concarril NM-73 and an Yves Klein
The New Real Paraguay
Τέιλορ Σουίφτ (Taylor Swift)
Other drawings

2020 Berlin
CD player, separated
DF taxis
Eixo Monumental (Via S1)
Haruko loves Coca-Cola
Hospital Drawing Series
I Like your Shoes
Mexico 90
Pixels, 3x3
Self portrait 2020
Sports teams in Mexico City (2020 update)
Structure 9.2
Suncloudmountain IV
Telegram Sam
Other drawings

2019 Berlin
Caribou Deluxe
Feed the birds, feel better, try to sleep, and do it again tomorrow
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in "Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael"
Plattenbau, lettuce, and tomato sandwich
Rapid transit trains
Sleaford Mods and other subcultures of Lincolnshire
Tetris landscape
Other drawings

2018 Ciudad de México/Berlin
2x2 landscapes
12 rainbows
Estadio Azul
Party people
Pyramid series
Rave pyramid
Other drawings

2017 Berlin
Everything everything Nr. 0
Nature thingies
Pixel food
Self portrait as poles
Skull-topped mountains
TeBe thing
Wurst triptych
Other drawings

2016 Ciudad de México/Berlin
Beer and a dog
Berliner Würfel
Big computer
Flags for dessert
Folded rainbow
My Boys
Raymonde and Lola
Sports teams in Mexico City
U-Bahn cubes
Other drawings

2015 Ciudad de México
Adivina Quien?
Bitter Sweet Symphony (infographic)
The boy whose head was a part of the Panama Canal likes vanilla ice cream but doesn't have a mouth
Game Over Memorial
King Tubby's studio
Near Pachuca
Neptune Fish Bar Sushi Nite!
PC Brigade
Rave Octagon
Self ketchuping hot dog
This Season's Flags
Thrown Stone
Twisty Shapes
Other drawings

2014 Ciudad de México
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (infographic)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Milky Bar and Lucía
Motorway blocks
Mr Kelly's
Sign "O" The Times (infographic)
Other drawings

2013 Ciudad de México
4'33" (infographic)
Daft Punks
Drawing Pints While I Drink Them
The Fall (infographic)
Football diamonds
Frankie Goes To Hollywood (infographic)
Fuck the rainbow
It's Grim Up North (infographic)
John, Paul, George, and Ringo (infographic)
Mexico City
Pixies "The Purple Tape" (infographic)
Same as it ever was
Other drawings

2012 Ciudad de México
Beastie dots
Cloud story
Five answers
Hopkins seascapes
The horse tests
JD/NO (infographic)
The old man and the sea
Ringkøbing Zoo
Other drawings

2011 Ciudad de México
All of Reign in Blood
Euphoric trumps
Nummern/Numbers (infographic)
The rather tedious tale of the occasional battles in my head
Seagull umpire
Other drawings

2010 Berlin/Toronto/Ciudad de México
A trip to the National Museum of Anthropology
I'm not from New York
One Track Mind
Two very short films about Minnesota and Florida
Where do I belong?
Other drawings

2009 Bellingham, Wa./Berlin
Love, Actually (infographic)
Sleeping laptops
Stuck Tic Tacs
Other drawings

2008 Various
A Year of Streets
O! Porcelain Kittens
Scared snow
De Wonderboom
Other drawings

2007 Berlin
Alex the Weather Boy
Clouds and under
Disenchanted forest
Helping the wind and helping the rain
Ohne Titel
We Are Tigers '80
Die Wunderbäume
Other drawings

2006 Berlin
12 years of sleep (infographic)
A bench
All of Pet Sounds
Colours of the week
Mini World Cup 2006
Not available in the shops
Pictorial atlas of the world
Snow breath
Special editions
Other drawings

2005 Berlin
An Arthur in the world
Mapping Bruce
On this day
Valley of the Cnuties
Witham and Woodhall
Other drawings

2004 Berlin
Batman and Robinson
Cheap space documentary
Ghost of Hawdin's Wood
Mini Euro 2004
One to a hundred
What if...
Other drawings

2003 Berlin
Can't sleep
Everybody's dogs
Harold's diary
The Technically Perfect Hair of Lincolnshire
Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy
Other drawings

2002 Berlin
Cheap ABC
David with one long arm
Gran's apple crumble
Kings of the Stone Age
Mike and Jill
Pete and Bob
Other drawings

2001 Berlin
Cheap zoo
Golf buddies
Other drawings

2000 London/Berlin
Boy meets Pixel
Fun Fun Fun
Ghosts are rubbish at squash
I Love Colette
Mini Euro 2000
Mini Museum of Modern Art
Other drawings

1999 London
27 squares
Pretend you're famous
Other drawings


My name is Craig Robinson, as you may have already noted from it being in big red letters at the top of this page
I am an artist and illustrator
Most of the stuff I draw is pixelly stuff done with Photoshop and Pixaki, but there's also stuff done with Procreate, ImageReady, Illustrator, SketchUp, and some things with pencils and paint
I was born in Lincoln, UK. I currently live in Berlin, Germany
Email: craig [at] flipflopflyin [dot] com
Debut Art

I studied at North Kesteven School in Lincoln, Lincolnshire College of Art and Design, and University of Derby
I worked in the music industry in London for a few years, then moved to Berlin to work for a Web design company. I've been freelance since 2003

Flip Flop Fly Ball: An Infographic Baseball Adventure, Bloomsbury USA, 2011
Atlas, Schmatlas: A Superior Atlas of the World, Harry N Abrams, 2007
Fun Fun Fun: 30 Ways to Have Fun, PP Book, 2005
Minipops: Famous People Drawn Really Small, Mitchell Beazley, 2004

Stuff in the above listings that aren't hyperlinks are things that I have not yet converted to a more modern format. Mostly it's Flash or Quicktime stuff. I will be working through the reformatting of those over the next months

This site doesn't use cookies and it continues to be ad-free. We shouldn't have to look at a bunch of ugly adverts every second of the day

Thanks for visiting, hope you had fun. If you wanna say hello, feel free to email me: craig AT flipflopflyin DOT com
Other Craig Robinsons are available. And it's entirely possible you arrived at this Web site looking for one of them. Apologies
Have a good day


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