DRAWINGS > Day of the Dead Baseball Teams

The team uniforms depicted are those of teams that relocated:
Milwaukee Brewers, moved and became St. Louis Browns in 1902
Baltimore Orioles, moved and became New York Highlanders in 1903
Boston Braves, moved to Milwaukee in 1953
St. Louis Browns, moved and became Baltimore Orioles in 1954
Philadelphia Athletics, moved to Kansas City in 1955
Brooklyn Dodgers, moved to Los Angeles in 1958
New York Giants, moved to San Francisco in 1958
Washington Senators, moved and became Minnesota Twins in 1961
Milwaukee Braves, moved to Atlanta in 1966
Kansas City Athletics, moved to Oakland in 1968
Seattle Pilots, moved and became Milwaukee Brewers in 1970
Washington Senators, moved and became Texas Ranger in 1972
Montreal Expos, moved and became Washington Nationals in 2005